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Yang Kei-Ying, better known as the Chinese Super-functionary Seven Deadly Brothers, is a founding member of the Great Ten. His many Kung Fu movies describe him as a hero who got his abilities by saving a strange old man from a beating. The truth is less heroic.

The Seven Scribes of the Cloudy Satchel

Yang Kei-Ying was born in the Fujian Province of China at the beginning of the 18th century. Living in poverty, he joined the army of the Yellow Emperor just to get a steady meal. Serving under Bak Mei the White Brow Master After Yang witnessed the battle between Bak Mei and another Kung Fu Grandmaster, Jee Sin, he told his master that he was inspired to become a grandmaster himself. Bak Mei rebuked him. Determined to prove his master wrong, Yang sought out the Seven Scribes of the Cloudy Satchel and threw himself at their feet, begging to be trained. The Seven Taoist Sorcerers saw through all the excuses of this soldier and made him realise he chose his path of his own free will. For every life he took, Yang was personally responsible. He was judged and cursed.

Now imbued with seven lifetimes' worth of martial skills, this also caused him to have seven different personalities and seven different thought processes, all fighting with one another for control. With this power, he easily defeated Bak Mei. The only thing that all seven minds can agree on is their love for violence, something he has kept hidden. 300 years later, as a member of The Great Ten, he still only plays the part of a hero, his true motives being the thrill of fighting.

The Great Ten

As the Seven Deadly Brothers, Yang fought in World War III with the rest of the team. He battled the Shield at least a year later in Brazil.


  • Bio-Fission: Yang Kei-Ying can split into seven individual but similar beings, all capable of thinking on their own (as they are all separate personalities). Each of the seven is the master of a particular form of Wushu (or Kung Fu) such as the Crane style and the Tiger style.
  • Decelerated Aging: The curse that grants Yang Kei-Ying his bio-fission power has also greatly slowed his aging. Hence, Yang remains a physically young man even though he is 300 years old.


  • Martial Arts: Yang Kei-Ying is a formidable Martial Artist on his own. When using his Bio-Fission, each individual is a grandmaster in one of the Seven schools of the Cloudy Satchel.


  • Mental Illness: Yang's personalities result in him having two separate mental disorders.
    • Multiple Personalities: When not split up, each individual personality competes with each other. Pulled into seven directions, Yang Kei-Ying rarely can decide what to do.
    • Antisocial Personality Disorder: The only thing Yang's individual personalities can agree on is their love for violence. Yang takes great effort to conceal this secret from his superiors and teammates.



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