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Yanmei Tsen was the masked adventurer known as the Barbary Ghost in late 19th Century San Francisco.

Yanmei Tsen came with her eight other family members to the United States to escape the Canton Province of China in hopes of finding work and freedom, but instead found only pain. Using their experience with gun powder, the Tsen family started up a small business, but they discovered that the Tiandihui had entrenched into America already. The criminals claimed to be a part of the "Bo Long Protection Agency", but Yanmei's father, Wei Tsen, refused to be threatened by the same criminals that they feared in China, and as the threats escalated, Yanmei's father struck one of the Tiandihui. Despite hearing Bo Long's fearsome reputation, Yanmei's father believed that he could talk to the crime lord because he was a business man and would respect his actions. Bo Long's men brutally beat Wei to death and threw his corpse through the window of the Tsen Family's store. Soon the Tsen family was at full-blown war with Bo Leng's criminals, and in two weeks five sons of the Tsen family lay dead as opposed to eight of the Tiandihui. Yanmei's mother purchased a small house outside of San Francisco and the three remaining family members decided to move there, though Yanmei's mother stayed behind at the store for one extra day. As she packed, a horde of Tiandihui men attacked and burned the store down to the ground. Yanmei and her grandfather swore to end Bo Long's criminal gang once and for all, and set gunpowder explosives to destroy the building that the Tiandihui were based out of. On that day, Yanmei Tsen became the Barbary Ghost, a vigilante specter of justice that used her gunpowder knowledge and crafty tricks to appear to be an mystical force of revenge against the Tiandihui.

The Barbary Ghost spent months hunting Bo Long's men down to interrogate them and find where their boss was hiding. Eventually she followed one of Bo Long's men back to the crime lord's hideout, and began to lay siege to it with her bow and flaming explosive arrows. While Yanmei was able to easily dispatch Long's men, the crime lord used the time she spent fighting to escape yet again. The Barbary Ghost found a room full of Bo Long's slaves, and while she took the extra time to free them, one of the slaves revealed that Yanmei's mother was still and informed her where Long was escaping to. Yanmei boarded the same train that Bo Long would be taking, and in the guise of a lost Chinese immigrant, was able to trick Long into inviting her to sit with him for the ride. As soon as she was seated, Tsen leveled a gun at him from under the table and told him who she was, before shooting him in the stomach. As the passengers panicked, the Barbary Ghost leveled her revolver at Long's head and promised that she would kill him quickly if he told her where her mother was, and while he refused to tell her anything directly he told Tsen that he had sold her and that she would be doing carnival tricks soon. Deciding that the reference to the carnival was all that she needed for a lead, Yanmei put a bullet in Long's head and leapt out the window, on to a horse her grandfather had waiting outside as she set out on a new journey- to find her mother.


When Yanmei needs to travel long distances, she has a personal brown stallion that carries her from place to place.


As the Barbary Ghost, Yanmei wields a deadly arsenal of weaponry, including a revolver, a knife and a bow. When wielding her bow, Tsen often lit the arrows on fire and attached gunpowder explosives to them to increase their killing power. She also used her family's knowledge of explosive arts to spread terror in the ranks of her foes.