Little is known about Yao Fei's past aside from him once being part of the Chinese military (likely a medic). According to Edward Fyers, he was a prisoner at the Lian Yu detention facility. When Oliver Queen is marooned on the island, he finds Yao on the run from Fyers' men. Yao treats Oliver's injuries and teaches him some basic survival skills, such as how to hunt for food with a bow and arrow. When Oliver is captured by Yao's pursuers, Yao succeeds in rescuing him, then captures Fyers, intent on using him as a bargaining chip to get himself and Oliver off the island. Unbenknownst to him, he has walked into a trap. Yao instructs Oliver to run while he holds off the mercs. Despite his considerable skill, Yao is overpowered and captured. Oliver later finds Yao working with Fyers, and is forced to fight him in an arena. Yao overpowers Oliver and seemingly kills him. As he prepares to dump Oliver's body into a nearby river, Yao secretly resuscitates him, revealing his betrayal to be a ruse to earn Fyers' trust and enable Oliver to escape with a map that leads him to Slade Wilson. Ultimately, the real reason for Fyers' pursuit of Yao is revealed: the island is a staging area, and the mercs have been setting up an anti-aircraft base on the island, intending on destroying a commercial airline bound for China, a move which would deal irrevocable damage to the Chinese economy. Fyers tells Yao that he wants Yao to teach his snipers Kyūdō. Yao reluctantly agrees, to ensure the safety of his daughter. Ultimately, however, Fyers only kept Yao alive so that he could frame him for his crimes. After being forced to record a taped confession of the planned terrorist attack, Yao was coldly executed.

Following the defeat of Edward Fyers he was buried next to Robert Queen by Oliver, Shado and Slade. Shado was later buried next to him.




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