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The Accomplished Perfect Physician is a member of the Great Ten, China's team of super-functionaries.

Born a dirt-poor peasant in the Anhui Province, Yao Fei had dreams of becoming a doctor. Since university was out of the question for someone in his economic circumstances, he joined the People's Liberation Army. He'd hoped they'd give him a position as a medic, but they decided to put him in general service. It was under these circumstances that Yao ended up in a brigade that was assigned to quell a supposed uprising at the Palcho monastary in Gyangze, Tibet. During the mission, he accidentally bayoneted a monk, Tenzin Cering. Yao was horrified at what he'd done and froze up, and his commanding officer shot him, unleashing a volley of fire. Running for his life, he happened to find shelter with Cering's father, a doctor. The elder Cering told Yao that his son was suppposed to become the latest incarnation of the "Accomplished Perfect Physician"; since Tenzin was now dead, Yao was forced to take his place. The combined wisdom and experience of the sixteen previous Physicians flowed through him, and he learned how to use sound to control energy. Profoundly moved by the experience, he decided to use his new-found powers to protect Tibet.

For several years, he tried to help the people of Tibet, which brought him into frequent conflict with Fang Zhifu, then the August Captain in Iron. Finally, China grew tired of fighting him and instead offered him a place in their new super-team, the Great Ten. He accepted in the hope that his compliance would give him influence to ease the pressure on his adopted people.

Since then, Yao has served the People's Republic, though he has grown increasingly irritated at being sent to quell dissent in Tibet, and has filed multiple formal complaints.[1]

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  • Vocal Sound Manipulation: Has the ability to use the sound of his own voice for a variety of superhuman effects, such as:
    • Paralysis: Physical or mental paralysis.
    • Force Fields
    • Healing
    • Flight
    • Vocal Disruption: Destruction of matter and triggering earthquakes; he was able to disrupt Count Vertigo's powers with just his voice.


  • Diplomacy: The diplomat of the team, the Physician appears to be a collected individual with well-developed people skills. He and the Socialist Red Guardsman had a highly adversarial relationship.
  • Investigation: The Accomplished Perfect Physician is the team's detective. His diagnostic mind and hard-won insight keep him looking for the truth, which makes his government masters nervous.[2]


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