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Yara Flor from the tribe of the Amazons of the Amazon[3] is the new Wonder Woman, who, in the absence of Princess Diana, came out of obscurity from the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil to protect Man’s World from the magic that is within it.[1]

Yara Flor is a demigod who hails not from the Island of Themyscira but from the Amazon Rainforest in South America.[4] She has a faithful winged steed, Jerry, and, along with her friend Caipora, a forest guardian spirit, Yara travels to the Underworld to rescue one of her Themysciran sisters from the clutches of Hades, the Olympian god of the dead,[1] a sister she’s never even met before.[4]

Yara is also an active member of the Justice League. Although the new rules of the League forbade fraternization among its members as a way to protect them individually and not have to go through the same tragedy that resulted in the dissolution of the previous League formation, Wonder Woman and Superman (Jon Kent) became friends.[2] It is also worth noting that, despite being always willing to work with her colleagues in the League, Yara is not very happy to be part of it.[5]




  • Kokoshnik Tiara[6]



  • Amazonian Sword[6]
  • Golden Boleadoras: According to Joëlle Jones, Yara’s bolas is even more powerful than the Lasso of Truth, in some ways. "Her bola acts more as a weapon of control. She could control somebody to speak the truth, or control them in the way they think, or control their actions. It takes the Lasso of Truth and amps it up a bit more."[6]

  • According to Yara Flor's creator, Joëlle Jones, the look of the superheroine was inspired by the Brazilian model Suyane Moreira.[7]



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