Yarrow is a flittling. An inhabitant of The Fair Lands, member of the Seelie Court, and servant of the royal family, attending to the direct commands of Queen Titania.

Yarrow has led a comfortable life, serving her Queen, until the moment when Molly O'Reilly set foot into The Fair Lands tricked by Amadan. The flittling found rude of Molly to be building a tree house while making noise in front of the Queen, but when she and others servants of Titania went to stop the girl, were intrigued by her. As much of the fair folks, they were not used to see real work, or effort, and they quickly forgot about the the Queen, and stayed helping Molly. for this, the Queen promised a curse on the girl that would be forever remembered.[1]

After Molly was cursed by Titania and set all the kingdom in fire, Yarrow was the only fairy folk that knew that the blame was not on Molly, but on the curse putted on the fey girl. Amadan was hearing Yarrow speaking with herself about this, and was about to force the name of the curser when an angry mob interrupted them. Some fairy folks blame Amadan for the presence of Molly on The Fair Land, and he was trying to blame another one. Yarrow saw this opportunity, and tricked Amadan into become a statue to avoid danger. So he did, and the flittling took his head out, defeating the master trickster, and becoming the Fool of the Forthing.[2]

Her victory was short lived, though, as the Lords of Hell came to the Fair Lands for Taik, the son of Titania and Auberon who was missing from Hell, and the Lords percieved trickery from the Queen. Their arrival could not had been at a worse time, as at the same moment The Leveler was predicted to arrive at The Fair Lands. The Lords of Hell knowing the power of The Leveler, tried to escape to no avail. All of The Fair Land lost it shape, becoming a dense mist, and all who was on that moment on The Fair Land was forced to decide who they where, and will the land to be again. The only fairy who was capable of such a feat was Yarrow, who learned the difference between pretending living, and actually living. With her will she gave shape again to The Fair Land, unmaking the dark pact made by the first King of Faerie, Huon the Small, with Lucifer Morningstar, freeing the kingdom to pay any thithe to Hell for the land in the future, allowing Prince Taik to come back to The Fair Land, now not forced to live in Hell as the last pay made by the kings for the land. With all wrongs righted, Molly left to the walking world, and Yarrow with all the fair folk started living a new life, with less pretending and more actually living.[3]

The next time that Yarrow encountered Molly, the flitting was transformed into a doll by the frog Ibbit, commanded by the demon Barbatos using the magic stone Sholas. Molly was able to restore Yarrow, and both of them travelled back to The Fair Lands to save once again the land, rescuing in the process the life of the Kings, and defeating the old flitting warrior, Briar Rose.[4]



  • Ancient Rules: As all inhabitants of the realms, Yarrow is bound to old rules that limit her actions.



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