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"Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen, Part Two": The Metropolis Museum of Science. Lex Luthor's secret headquarters

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The Joker

Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #2 is an issue of the series Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2020. It was published on January 22, 2020.

Synopsis for "Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen, Part Two"

The Metropolis Museum of Science. Lex Luthor's secret headquarters

Lex is facing the Secret Six, alone. They believe he has no chance, but he proves them wrong: he first activates the red sun protocol, to take from Supergirl her powers. Then, he hits her with two Kryptonite knives. He unleashes six Lexbots with Lady Shiva's mocap inside, making them fight Deathbringer. For Scarab, he just needs his computers: alien tech is no challenge for him. He crushes Hawkman with the power of his suit, and with Shazam, he gets into his mind with his new Martian powers and makes him shout SHAZAM! so that he turns back into a kid. The fight is over, and Lex blows the Museum up with everybody inside.

As he is leaving, Kara tells him this whole thing with Perpetua is funny. Superman always told her he respected Luthor, and deep down admired him. He was the pinnacle of humanity, a self made billionaire, a mind among minds. If he could just reach beyond his ego, he could become so much better then Clark himself. Lex tells her he did, but Kara laughs his answer off: he's never been smaller than right now, a lackey for a goddess who treats him like a little dog. Lex takes one of the knives back to inflict some pain on Kara, but Supergirl keeps smiling: she hit a nerve with her words.

Slaughter Swamp. Outside of Gotham

Bruce asks his Secret Six if they were able to hold Lex off: he does not care he won, he just wanted him to lose some time while he kept things going with his plans. Right now, he must talk with another prisoner he keeps here: the Phantom Stranger. He captured him thanks to the knowledge he has of the dark arts, which he mastered so that, in his universe, he could be able to defeat the Spectre. He caged the Stranger for a reason: he needs him to bring the word end to the whole universe.


Lex is back in Metropolis, to find an antidote to the infection created by the Batman who Laughs. Lex's old assistant, Mercy Graves, finds out that Lex hid a base inside her apartment, and now he's utilizing it to synthesize this antidote. Lex transforms into a more human form for Mercy, and deposits a big compensation check on her account, so that she can work for him again. After sending her to do an important task, Lex observes that all the samples he took from the Secret Six cannot be used to develop a cure, because all of them are not completely human. He needs another sample, more pure, and knows where to find it.

Washington D.C., the Hall of Justice

Disguising himself as Animal Man, Lex enters the Hall and reaches the cage where James Gordon is held prisoner: he is one of the infected as well, and tells Lex that this thing he did right now was exactly what Batman wanted him to do. Lex dismisses this, and proceeds to take a sample from Jim, but soon he realizes that Bruce's disease is spreading exponentially, reaching really big numbers. Also, Gordon tells him that in all this time, he infected every single hero who payed visit to him, fed him or tried to study him for a cure. Lex is about to find out that all the heroes in the Hall stand infected, ready to kill him on sight...

Somewhere in Gotham City

Mercy reaches the place Lex told her to go to: she is just a messenger, so she pleads the recipient of the message to not kill her. The message is: Lex Luthor needs your help. The Joker laughs in jubilation: oh Lex, you are so funny!

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