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Yera Allon aka Chameleon Girl like Chameleon Boy is shape-shifting Durlan and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Yera grew up on Earth and worked as a struggling actress but due to Yera being of Durlan heritage she was barred by law from taking acting jobs.

The reasoning behind this law was that their natural shape-changing abilities would both provide an unfair advantage over actors of other races. Yera could only find small jobs, nothing to show her true acting talents. This lead to landing only minor parts in less than favorable Holo-vids.

After one of these Jobs she was approached by Imskian radicals led by Micro Lad who had planned to kidnap Shrinking Violet of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Micro Lad told her that they wanted her to replace Shrinking Violet as she was on a top secret mission that even the Legionnaires could not know about.

Yera was excited to have a job and the opportunities it would lead to. The switch was made while the real was on vacation on the asteroid home of billionaire R. J. Brande.

Yera impersonated Salu for many months, but Element Lad who at the time was the Legions appointed deputy leader and Science Police liaison Shvaughn Erin became suspicious of the fake Shrinking Violet when Yera fell in love with Colossal Boy, who had unrequited crush on the real Shrinking Violet for years. The pair and secretly married. The Durlans charade was exposed and Shrinking Violet was rescued from the Imskian radicals by the team.


  • Durlan Physiology: Yera is a Durlan, a race of alien beings that can shape-shift at any time for any length of time with little limitation on size or shape. As such her physiology is in constant flux and she hardly takes her original orange Durlan form.
    • Shape-Shifting: Like all Durlans, Yera possesses the ability to transform her body's size, shape, and color to mimic any person, creature or object in the universe.
    • Elasticity: Having a malleable form, Yera can stretch and extend her form despite being in a solid form.
    • Enhanced Senses: Yera scan's the molecular structure of any object or person he encounters via the invisible emanations emitted from her antennae. Returning as sound waves, the information is translated through his sensitive ears. Her chameleon power, through his antennae, records a person or thing's shape, which always happens when he encounters someone of something unfamiliar. She automatically absorbs complete details of its structure so she can duplicate it perfectly whenever she wishes. The process can not happen twice with the same person or object. Her sensitive antennae will detect any subtle difference - pore patterns, for instance - that will alert her to the uniqueness of any person or object.


  • Acting: Yera is a skilled actor and impersonator


  • Power Limitation: While Chameleon Girl can assume a giant size, and a certain degree of strength along with it, if she were to imitate Supergirl she would not gain Kryptonian super-powers. Also, while she can copy a creature's shape, she can not duplicate its powers. She can sometimes copy such abilities to a limited extent. For instance, as a spider she can spin a web, and as a bird and can fly, however, he does not have the ability to lay eggs.




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