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Yolanda Montez was an Avatar of the Red.

Yolanda Montez was raised alongside her cousin Alejandro as both were born merely minutes apart; she thinks of him as more of a brother than a cousin and is very protective of him. After a scuffle in a local library, where Yolanda sends Alejandro's assailants running, he collapses which led Yolanda to look after him (despite doctors finding nothing wrong with him). It is then revealed that Alejandro had been chosen by The Red to be its avatar however Yolanda volunteers to take his place because they share blood and she is transformed into the champion of the Red though Alejandro is made to forget her. She was subsequently sent to the Tower of Fate, where she became its "Great Beast" until a time when she would be needed.[1] In her time as that beast, she fought with the second batch of the Wonders of the World upon them entering the Tower.[2]

Yolanda is captured by DeSaad who used her to power a firepit. DeSaad also used her DNA to create clones which he ordered to attack the Wonders who had come to stop the looming attack of Apokolips.[3] During the almost insurmountable attack, the original Superman (now powerless due to DeSaad's experimenting) sacrifices himself to destroy the clones and to free Yolanda thus indirectly killing all the Parademons.[4] Now free, Yolanda joined the other avatars to defend the Earth.

However, when Deathspawn attacks Earth's Parliament and kills the embodiment of The Blue, and its avatar, it also disrupts the powers of the other avatars. The Parliament then instruct Alan Scott to unite the five powers in order to save the world, instead of combining with Yolanda as he had with the other avatars he sets her down on Earth.[5]

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