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Yorick Brown is the last man on Earth after all other men died from a mysterious plague.

A young amateur escape artist, Yorick is often reckless and tries to defuse tense situations with his humor. He is an under-achiever and a slacker, but actually quite bright. The only real reason he survived the plague is due to the fact that he owned Ampersand, a Capuchian monkey who survived the plague. Handling Ampersand's feces and cleaning him up gave Yorick Ampersand's resistance to the plague as well.

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  • Plague Immunity: Due to handling his pet monkey Ampersand's feces, Yorick developed a resistance to the plague that killed all the other men on the planet.


  • Escapology: Yorick is a learned escape artist. When the plague first struck, he was in the midst of a telephone conversation with Beth Deville while suspended upside down in a straight jacket. Yorick was able to free himself by the end of the conversation.
  • Prestidigitation: Yorick is skilled at sleight of hand and parlor magic tricks. He used these skills to earn himself a meager income. He was successful enough at this art that he was able to earn enough money to purchase an engagement ring for Beth Deville.


  • Allergies: Yorick Brown is allergic to shellfish and penicillin.[1]

  • Yorick's father was a fan of English playright William Shakespeare and named both of his children after Shakespearian characters. Yorick was named for the character referenced in Hamlet, while Hero Brown is named for a female protagonist from Much Ado About Nothing.[2]


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