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The Young All-Stars were young allies to the All-Star Squadron during World War II.


The Young All-Stars first came into being in the spring of 1942 when the Nazi super-agent team Axis Amerika assaulted the All-Star Squadron in their own headquarters. Helena Kosmatos, a teenage Greek nationalist who was left in the care of Johnny Chambers (Johnny Quick) and Libby Lawrence (Liberty Belle) after she came to America following the death of her mother and her brother, saw her two guardians fall before the super-agents and quickly went into action, transforming into Fury and attempting to handle Ubermensch all by herself. She was later joined by two other teenagers, one named "Iron" Munro and another named Flying Fox, who also helped fight off Axis Amerika long enough for them to retreat, even as they saw Alan Scott (Green Lantern) transport two more teenage heroes, Neptune Perkins and Tsunami, toward the headquarters. Later on, with Dan the Dyna-Mite (recently left without his partner T.N.T. who was killed by a Nazi saboteur that he attempted to stop from blowing up a dam in Indian Creek, Colorado) being brought over along with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the All-Star Squadron chairpersons Hawkman and Liberty Belle officially made the young heroes into a probationary auxiliary team that would be named the Young All-Stars. Sometime later, Paula Brooks joined the team as the masked hero called the Tigress, faithfully serving alongside her fellow members until she died and a resurrection at the hands of Gudra the Valkyrie had corrupted her soul, causing her to turn against her comrades and become a villain instead. After the team dealt with "Iron"'s father Hugo Danner and the "Sons Of Dawn", the Young All-Star team was disbanded and all its members were folded in as part of the All-Star Squadron.


  • The Young All-Stars served for a time as a youth auxiliary of the main All-Star Squadron group, featuring teenage members that were both original creations of Roy and Dann Thomas and also existing Golden Age era creations. The cast itself was basically a mirror of Golden Age heroes who were erased from the All-Star Squadron's history by the Crisis On Infinite Earths: Iron Munro (Superman), Flying Fox (Batman), Dan The Dyna-Mite (Robin), Fury (Wonder Woman), Neptune Perkins (Aquaman), Tsunami (Aquaman), and Tigress (Green Arrow). Sandy the Golden Boy, already a member of the All-Star Squadron by being the partner of Sandman, served for a time as a member of Young All-Stars while Sandman was hospitalized. By the time of the final issue of the title series, Tigress had turned into the villain that would later be known as the Huntress, and the rest of the team was absorbed into the main All-Star Squadron group.

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