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"Comedy of Eras": Young Justice confront Superboy at an abandoned Cadmus facility for kidnapping the infant clone of Guardian. Lobo wants to fight Superboy, but they are interrupted by [[

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Young Justice: Our Worlds at War #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of August, 2001. It was published on June 20, 2001.

Synopsis for "Comedy of Eras"

Young Justice confront Superboy at an abandoned Cadmus facility for kidnapping the infant clone of Guardian. Lobo wants to fight Superboy, but they are interrupted by Liri Lee of the Linear Men. She talks about how the whole continuum is threatened by a renegade artificial intelligence and Young Justice is assigned to a time traveling mission to stop the destruction of everything existing. While sliding through the timestream, Lobo gets impatient and changes the coordinates set on the temporal compass Robin just received from Liri Lee.

The team falls into a cornfield and according to the device they are in Mexico, circa 1500 A.D. A fleeing army of Spanish conquistadors crosses their paths and they are followed by Aztec robot warriors with jet-bikes, laser guns and artificial wings. Robin gets knocked out and when he wakes up again, he finds himself and his teammates in the hands of the Aztecs who also grabbed the temporal compass. However, Young Justice has no problem breaking free and then Secret shuts down the Aztec robots by blocking out the sun. Superboy takes the temporal compass and once again Young Justice travels through time and space.

This time the teams lands on top of an enormous robot located at the Russian Steppes, circa A.D. 2500. Suddenly, a hologram of Brainiac 13 appears and orders the slave units of the sovereign robotic nations to prepare for the execution of the memory-wipe of the Great Disruptor. The robot answers by releasing his own army of smaller robots and the fight is on. But right before a huge laser blast obliterates the robot Young Justice is standing on, Impulse uses the temporal compass to get the team back into the timestream.

Young Justice arrives at the abandoned JLA Watchtower on the moon in the year A.D. 2020. On the screens, our heroes watch adult versions of themselves and other heroes battling the same red-and-black robots they just escaped from. But Impulse recognizes that his adult self is nowhere to be seen on the monitors. Then all are forced to watch how an Imperiex Probe destroys the whole planet Earth. Before the moon suffers the same fate, Impulse puts everyone back in the timestream.

They end up in a spaceship in United Planets territory in A.D. 3004 where Young Justice meets the Legion of Super-Heroes. Some old friends like Bart and Jenni Ognats have a quick chat and M'Onel explains that they're facing Imperiex. Robin does not believe that Young Justice has arrived in the right destination yet and so the team moves on yet again.

In a black void, Young Justice is confronted by Waverider who wants them to battle Brainiac 13 now before he remakes the very fabric of the cosmos into his computerized image. But Robin continues to view Imperiex as the main threat they should be fighting. Waverider is befuddled by the defiance of Young Justice, but when he sees an Imperiex Probe approaching, he leaves while telling the young heroes they are no longer needed. The team still views Imperiex as the real threat, so they fight the probe and Robin uses the temporal compass to send Brainiac 13 a warning message through time. The plan works, as the dormant Brainiac 13 in this timeframe comes to life and destroy the Imperiex probe. The resulting explosion would have killed the members of Young Justice, but Robin sent them back home timely.

Back at the Cadmus facility, the team discusses the choice they made and that the future is not written in stone which is important for Impulse especially.

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