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Young Justice is a team of young super-heroes and side-kicks who fight crime separately from their adult counterparts.


Original Team

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Classic Young Justice

Relatively shortly after the Death and Return of Superman, Wonder Girl, Impulse, Robin, and Superboy formed Young Justice. Among their early enemies was The Mighty Endowed, a battle which Superboy described as there 'not being enough therapy in the world' for. They also fought against the mysterious Harm. The makeup of the team did not stay constant; Arrowette was considered a core member, and a number of others joined. Eventually, the team disbanded, though many of its members went on to join the Teen Titans. The original members suffered greatly during Infinite Crisis: Bart was lost in the Speed Force, Conner was killed and Tim and Cassie briefly turned to each other in their grief, something they would both regret.[1][2]


The team was unofficially reformed during an invasion of Metropolis by the villainous Dark Opal and his Gemworld lackeys.[1]

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Rebirth of Young Justice

The new team's initial line up consisted of Amethyst, Impulse, Red Robin (Tim Drake), Superboy, Teen Lantern, Jinny Hex, and Wonder Girl.[1]

Young Justice freed Gemworld from Dark Opal. They found Superboy and he rejoined the team. However, the Council of Gems banished them to the multiverse. They encountered many Earths such as the home of Captain Carrot, Earth 22 and Earth 3. Young Justice defeated Amaxon Thunder and her goons and freed Earth 3 of their tyranny. When they returned home they were met with Naomi McDuffie and she joined their team. S.T.A.R. Labs thew Superboy into the dimension of the Warlord. However, Young Justice rescued him. Young Justice also aided the Justice League in fighting the Legion of Doom and Leviathan.

Dark Crisis

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Wonder Girl searches for the founders

The original members reunited at a memorial service for fallen members of the Justice League, but after their various ordeals, their formerly strong bonds had weakened and they could barely talk to each other, especially when compounded by their grief. When Wonder Girl turned away for a moment they boys disappeared. Cassie searched for them for days but could not find them anywhere, and the rest of the superhero community were either too preoccupied to help her or believed that they had simply gone away of their own accord to deal with their grief over their dead mentors. In fact the boys had seemingly been transported back to the earliest days of the team, complete with what appeared to be a younger version of Cassie.[2] After some internal conflicts between the trio, they realized that this fake reality was created by Mickey Mxyzptlk, the son of Mister Mxyzptlk, who created the world to recreate the adventures he enjoyed in his "childhood".[3] The three heroes were eventually found and rescued by Wonder Girl, Cissie and Red Tornado.[4]


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