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Young Justice is a team of young super-heroes and side-kicks who fight crime separately from their adult counterparts.


The team was unofficially formed during an invasion of Metropolis by the villainous Dark Opal and his Gemworld lackeys.[1]

According to Impulse, there was a previous Young Justice team in some capacity, which he was a member of. However why this team was formed, who the team's members were, and why they dissolved is currently unknown.[1]

Young Justice fight together against the villain Harm.

The new team's initial line up consisted of Amethyst, Impulse, Robin (Tim Drake), Superboy (Conner Kent), Teen Lantern, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark).[1]

Young Justice freed Gemworld from Dark Opal. They found Superboy and he rejoined the team. However, the Council of Gems banished them to the multiverse. They encountered many Earths such as the home of Captain Carrot, Earth 22 and Earth 3. Young Justice defeated Amaxon Thunder and her goons and freed Earth 3 of their tyranny. When they returned home they were met with Naomi McDuffie and she joined their team. S.T.A.R. Labs thew Superboy into the dimension of the Warlord. However, Young Justice rescued him. Young Justice also aided the Justice League in fighting the Legion of Doom and Leviathan.


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