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In Metropolis, during the morning rush hour, the road of a suspension bridge collapses. Cables fall on the road, causing a traffic pileup. A car and a bus get knocked into and dangle on the edge of the bridge. Bruce Wayne watches it from his office and is about to change into his suit until SupermanSchooled is an episode of season 1 of Young Justice. It premiered on February 4, 2011.

Synopsis for "Schooled"

In Metropolis, during the morning rush hour, the road of a suspension bridge collapses. Cables fall on the road, causing a traffic pileup. A car and a bus get knocked into and dangle on the edge of the bridge. Bruce Wayne watches it from his office and is about to change into his suit until Superman shows up. He uses his strength and heat vision to fix one of the bridge's pillars. Superboy appears and leaps on the bridge. His landing shakes the structure but Superman manages to hold it up. Bruce watches as Superboy lifts the car back onto the bridge, but struggles to lift the bus. When Superman lifts the bus for him, Superboy gets upset. Superman lectures him for leaping on the bridge. Superboy suggests they spend more time together and help him find his limits but Superman refuses. Before Superboy can say any more, Green Arrow calls Superman for help. Superman takes off but Bruce calls him and tells him they need to talk.

Superboy returns to Mount Justice and refuses to tell his friends about his trip to Metropolis. Black Canary and Martian Manhunter arrive at the Cave. Black Canary is injured from a previous mission but still insists on training with the Team. She tells them that battle is about taking the initiative and never letting your opponent dictate the terms. Kid Flash volunteers to fight her. He manages to block her first hit but gets knocked on the floor when she sweeps his feet. Superboy isn't impressed and insists that with his super strength, the fight will always be in his favor. She proves him wrong though by tossing him on the floor twice. Superboy gets angry and turns to leave. Batman calls the Cave from the site of a mission. A new enemy attacked Black Canary and Green Arrow earlier today and when the entire Justice League attacked it, it only got stronger. The Justice League battled the android for 8 hours before managing to defeat it and dismantle it. Robin asks if it's T.O. Morrow's work but Red Tornado ruled it out already. Martian Manhunter finds out it's Professor Ivo's work, even though Ivo is dead. The remains of the android are being brought to S.T.A.R. Labs facilities in Boston and Manhattan with several other trucks acting as decoys. Batman wants the Team to escort the real trucks.

In Litchfield County, a rural field near Connecticut, the trucks are ready to take off. The League overlooks the transport while Superman checks in on the Team as Clark Kent. He avoids eye contact with Superboy. When the trucks leave, Batman reminds Clark that they still need to talk. Robin and Superboy are escorting the Manhattan truck on their new motorcycles while Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Miss Martian escort the Boston truck on their new motorcycles. Superboy is still angry at how Black Canary treated him and thinks that since he has super strength, he should be trained by Superman. Robin disagrees, saying that taking down stronger enemies is part of being a superhero. Superboy rides ahead to avoid talking. Meanwhile, the Boston team continue on. Miss Martian is worried about Superboy but Aqualad assures her that he just needs to chill and a calm mission like this will clear his head. Suddenly, robot monkeys calls MONQIs attack the truck. Aqualad calls Robin who is also having the same problem. Robin switches his bike to battle mode while Superboy ditches his bike and leaps on the truck. Robin can't dodge Superboy's bike so he uses a batarope to get on the truck. Superboy fights the MONQIs but gets hit in the face by one while the others lift him off the truck. In Boston, Kid Flash and Miss Martian are forced to leave their bikes when the MONQIs overwhelm them. They move the fight to the truck but get outnumbered. The MONQIs then leave with the cargo. Back in Manhattan, Robin climbs on top of the truck and Superboy gets back on as well. The MONQIs blow up the truck's wheels and leave. Robin manages to save the driver while Superboy goes after the MONQIs. He ditches his comm. link due to him thinking he doesn't need help and leaps after them. The Team discusses their next move. Aqualad says they need to get the parts before they are reassembled. Miss Martian tries to track Superboy and Ivo but is unable to. Since none of the decoy trucks were attacked, Robin hacks a MONQI and finds out there were GPS beacons on the parts. He triangulates their position and finds out they're headed to Gotham City. Kid Flash sets off for Gotham on foot.

In Metropolis, Bruce and Clark meet at Bibbo's diner. Bruce tells Clark that he needs to spend more time with Superboy but Clark thinks that Superboy looks up to him too much and is nowhere near his power. When Bruce calls Clark Superboy's father, he storms off.

The MONQIs arrive at Gotham and drop off the parts on a cargo train. Superboy follows them and meets Professor Ivo. Superboy takes out the MONQIs but Ivo has already reassembled AMAZO. Superboy attacks it but AMAZO isn't affected by his attacks and tosses him out of the train. Ivo commands AMAZO to go after Superboy. Superboy crashes into a school and AMAZO follows him. Robin and Kid Flash arrive at Gotham City. Robin tracks AMAZO to his school, Gotham Academy. Back at Gotham Academy, Superboy fights AMAZO in the halls and the science lab and they end up in the gym. Ivo arrives to watch Superboy fight AMAZO. Kid Flash arrives and saves Superboy but gets attacked by AMAZO. Robin arrives and helps Kid Flash battle AMAZO, but both are easily defeated. AMAZO grabs Kid Flash and uses Superman's strength to crush but an arrow comes out nowhere toward AMAZO. AMAZO is forced to use Martian Manhunter's intangibility to dodge it. Kid Flash escapes while the arrow lands next to Robin. Superboy goes after Ivo, forcing him to tell AMAZO to protect him. Robin throws a batarang at AMAZO, but AMAZO dodges it by going intangible. But before he can change back, Superboy punches him and when he becomes tangible again, Superboy's fist gets stuck in his head and explodes. Aqualad and Miss Martian arrive while Robin secures the android, but Ivo has escaped.

Back at Mount Justice, Batman debriefs the Team. Ivo has become a League priority and says they did a good job. The League thanks them but Superman may need more time to get used to Superboy. Batman tells them they can call the League for back-up anytime. Robin though shows him the arrow that saved Kid Flash and accuses them of babysitting them. When Green Arrow shows them its not his arrow, Robin is forced to take back his words. The Team thinks the arrow belongs to Speedy while Kid Flash keeps the arrow as a souvenir. Superboy apologizes to Black Canary and agrees to train with her.

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