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"Kali'd Away": Red Tornado has dinner with his wife Kathy and his daughter Traya. After that Red Tornado agrees to watch Hugga-Tugga-Thugee special together with Traya.

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Young Justice #10 is an issue of the series Young Justice (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1999.

Synopsis for "Kali'd Away"

Red Tornado has dinner with his wife Kathy and his daughter Traya. After that Red Tornado agrees to watch Hugga-Tugga-Thugee special together with Traya.

Near Calcutta, Superboy and Wonder Girl are getting attacked by living statues. Secret cannot help anyway, so she tries to find a way through the floor which "swallowed" the other members of Young Justice.

Robin, Impulse and Arrowette are standing in a cave surrounded by dozens of blue creatures. A fight starts and Impulse is supposed to distract the creatures so Robin is able to observe the situation closer. But suddenly Bart receives a subliminal message from Kali and when he stops running, he gets knocked down hard. Bart's head obviously took some damage, because now he thinks he is Batman. The Acolyte, the leader of the Thuggee cult, presents himself and once again brags about his plan to control the children of this world to kill their parents and give Kali the opportunity to rule Earth. As Robin tries to attack him, the Acolyte blasts him as well as the other heroes with lighting coming from his eyes.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girl finds out that the statues they are fighting are just mental projections. Superboy is impressed by Cassie's wits and as the statues disappear, Secret finds a gap in the floor through which she can slip to find Robin and Co. With Secret gone, Superboy and Wonder Girl get surrounded by "real" blue creatures.

Red Tornado has left his family without noticing that his daughter fell under Kali's spell. As Kathy is looking out of a window thinking about her husband, suddenly Traya sneaks up behind her with a knife in her hands. Kathy is shellshocked, loses her footing and falls out of the window.

The Acolyte has chained Impulse, Robin and Arrowette to the ground. Bart does not remember his powers, so he is not able to just vibrate himself free. But Robin picks the lock of his chains and with Secret distracting the blue goons, Robin also is able to free his teammates. Suddenly, a black energy beam comes out of a Kali seal on the floor of the cavern.

Superboy and Wonder Girl are still occupied with fighting the blue thugs of the Acolyte, but when they realize that the large antenna on top of the temple might be the real source of all mind controlling, both Superboy and Wonder Girl combine their powers to destroy it. Thus, the plan of the Acolyte has failed and he retreats by dissipating in a huge fireball. Impulse remembers who he is and with his super-speed he safely carries Robin and Arrowette out of the cavern.

In Chicago, Red Tornado holds Traya in his arms while watching an ambulance leave to the hospital. He was not able to save his wife from hitting the ground...

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