"Heck's Angels, Part 1: Dante's Disco Inferno": Young Justice just escaped the grip of Fite 'n Maad by vibrating through the floor of the courthouse using the powers of Impulse. As th

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Young Justice #12 is an issue of the series Young Justice (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1999.

Synopsis for "Heck's Angels, Part 1: Dante's Disco Inferno"

Young Justice just escaped the grip of Fite 'n Maad by vibrating through the floor of the courthouse using the powers of Impulse. As they reach a basement, Bart is pretty rattled because he never tried this before with so many people.

While Red Tornado leaves some A.P.E.S. agents behind, Robin whistles for the Super-Cycle and to the team's surprise it arrives just in time before Fite 'n Maad reach this part of the basement. But instead of flying upwards, the Super-Cycle phases downwards into a large cavern. Then the vehicle shuts down, so Young Justice starts to observe the surroundings. At some point they reach a larger cavern with dozens of plateaus on which people do obscure things. And small winged creatures are flying all around them. Their leader looks human, also has wings and calls himself Dante.

In the hospital in Chicago, Kathy Sutton is having a seizure and the doctors rush to her. Kathy sees a bright light, but Secret is there as well and she tells the wife of Red Tornado, that she needs to stay alive to help the android and her daughter Traya. When the doctor uses a defibrillator, Secret is forced out of Kathy's body. But at least Kathy wakes up.

Underground, Dante explains to Young Justice how he studied archeology and theology and somehow discovered the winged creatures he calls succubi. They feed of pain and misery. Therefore, Dante kidnaps criminals and makes them think they died and are in hell. Thus, he is able to get vital information from them to get money. Young Justice disagrees with his motives and immediately are attacked by the succubi which latch on the necks of our heroes. Only Superboy is able to free himself, but Dante also has one large winged demon at his disposal and this creature takes Superboy down easily.

In the meantime, Red Tornado and Traya have reached the headquarters of Young Justice. He receives a video call from Kathy who is together with Fite 'n Maad. She says that everything will be sorted out legally if Red Tornado just brings Traya back to her. Secret is pretty banged up after her adventure in Kathy's body and she falls asleep somewhere in the hospital. And when Red Tornado arrives at the hospital to hand Traya back to her mother, he is surrounded by police. Obviously, Fite 'n Maad lied about their intention to let him leave again.

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The story continues in Supergirl #36.

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