"Fighting Maad, Part 3: A.W.O.L.": Impulse has returned to Young Justice and his teammates tell him about the recent death of Donald Fite and how angry Empress is that [[All-Purpose En

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Young Justice #49 is an issue of the series Young Justice (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2002. It was published on September 4, 2002.

Synopsis for "Fighting Maad, Part 3: A.W.O.L."

Impulse has returned to Young Justice and his teammates tell him about the recent death of Donald Fite and how angry Empress is that A.P.E.S. will not do anything about the murder of her father. Ishido Maad explains to the kids that Baron Agua Sin Gaaz, the man responsible for the death of his former partner, lives in Zandia which is inhabited entirely by supervillains. Empress vows to avenge her father's death on her own if necessary, but Wonder Girl, herself newly elected leader of Young Justice, overrules Snapper Carr and decides the whole team should go to Zandia. Maad agrees to accompany Young Justice, but Cassie thinks they might need even more support.

At the home of Bonnie King-Jones, she and her daughter Cissie King-Jones discuss the sad fate of Anita. Cissie tells her mother about the planned invasion and how she provided Young Justice with some phone numbers of other heroes. Bonnie is sensing that her daughter is thinking about rejoining the team.

Meanwhile, Secret tells Robin how angry she still is about him quitting the team and that she takes it very personal because Robin once stated he would never leave. Suddenly, both are interrupted by Anita screaming out loud while sleeping on the couch. Secret feels that Anita is not having an ordinary dream and enters Anita's mind through her ears.

Anita's dream mainly is about Baron Sin Gaaz who not only states he never intended to kill her mother, but also that he is Anita's grandfather. Anita attacks Sin Gaaz, but with no effect and as the Baron counters Secret arrives and pulls an agry Anita away from him. Secret is shocked when Sin Gaaz calls her a warder and claims he already killed one like Secret 28 years ago. Before disappearing and waking up again, Anita warns the Baron that Young Justice is coming for him.

Back in the real word, the living room of Young Justice is filled with virtually every teenage superhero known. Also on hand is a hooded Arrowette.

In Zandia, Baron Sin Gaaz ist talking to a woman named Devastation. The short woman is not interested in helping Sin Gaaz, but when he mentions Wonder Girl she quickly changes her mind.

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