"Fighting Maad, Part 4: MUBAR (Messed Up Beyond All Recognition)": In Zandia, the country's ruler Lady Zand visits Baron Agua Sin Gaaz. She is not happy about the potential invasion by Young Justice but all

Quote1.png What did you think was going to happen here, mon? Did you think I'd forgive you? Understand you? Love you? That's what you claimed you wanted, isn't it? My love? As if I could ever love something as twisted as you!! Quote2.png

Young Justice #50 is an issue of the series Young Justice (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2002. It was published on October 2, 2002.

Synopsis for "Fighting Maad, Part 4: MUBAR (Messed Up Beyond All Recognition)"

In Zandia, the country's ruler Lady Zand visits Baron Agua Sin Gaaz. She is not happy about the potential invasion by Young Justice but allows Sin Gaaz to recruit forces.

At the Young Justice headquarters the assembled young heroes enjoy a barbeque while getting to know each other or, in the case of Secret and Spoiler, clear up some problems. Empress thanks Arrowette for being here as well, but is cut off pretty quickly. After Slobo and Impulse finished preparing the spaceship, Superboy tells everybody that they will be moving out. Before Wonder Girl informs the troops about their objective to bring Baron Sin Gaaz to justice for the murder of Donald Fite, Robin assures Cassie that he is fine with her being the new team leader.

One hour later, the spaceship arrives at Zandia where a large horde of the Baron's antibodies led by Devastation is already waiting for the heroes at the capital's harbour. Young Justice still surprises their opponents as Lagoon Boy creates a huge tidal wave to flood the harbour and scatter the mass of antibodies. Initially, Wonder Girl wanted to divide the heroes into three groups led by her, Robin and Superboy. But as some of the heroes do not seem to grab that concept quickly enough, Cassie just decides they will all fight side-by-side against the incoming horde of supervillains.

While the battle rages on, Empress and Agent Maad directly teleport to Baron Sin Gaaz. As Empress still needs to recover, Maad is knocked down and she barely is able to save him from being shot by Sin Gaaz. The fight reaches the Baron's laboratory where he threatens to throw Empress into a pool of bubbling pink liquid which he uses to redefine nature itself. But the plan of Sin Gaaz fails as suddenly an arrow pierces through his armor and into his heart. A second shot follows which splits the first arrow in half. To Anita's surprise its not Cissie wearing the Arrowette costume, but her mother Bonnie King-Jones. Bonnie just tells Empress that Cissie should never know what happened here ...

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  • The Max


  • The nazi villains Night and Fog are seen for the first time since World War II; How they have not aged and their activities during all these years is unknown.

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