"Judgment Day": 9:54pm: Young Justice stands before the JLA and especially Superboy is not fond of the fact that the JLA spied on them. Batman is worried that the members of

Quote1 A chaperone? What are we, toddlers? At least Red Tornado gives us space! How about... If we three can´t do the job in twenty-two minutes we scrap the group. Quote2

Young Justice #6 is an issue of the series Young Justice (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1999. It was published on January 6, 1999.

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Synopsis for "Judgment Day"

9:54pm: Young Justice stands before the JLA and especially Superboy is not fond of the fact that the JLA spied on them. Batman is worried that the members of Young Justice act like adults when they are alone but become rather juvenile when teaming up. Suddenly, the Super-Cycle starts acting up - a typical sign that there is trouble somewhere. Young Justice wants to show they act responsibly and after some bargaining from Impulse they get 22 minutes to handle the situation.

10:00pm: The Super-Cycle flies the three male members of Young Justice to a carnival where they face Despero. After quickly contacting Oracle, Robin is sure that Despero is looking to find a new strong host body and Superboy might just be what the villain is looking for. Superman sent Martian Manhunter to secretly look out for the youngsters and J'onn continuously sends a telepathic feed to the other JLA members.

10:06pm: Wonder Woman talks to Wonder Girl about her not wearing the costume she got from Donna Troy. Cassie thinks she is not ready for that while Wonder Woman is concerned that being a member of Young Justice might not be the right thing for Cassie. Meanwhile, Secret has disappeared from the cave.

10:09pm: While Young Justice still searches for a way to defeat Despero, the villain unleashes some wild animals to cause a distraction and keep the young heroes occupied. Suddenly, Secret appears and Despero is actually frightened of her after trying to enter her "body". Martian Manhunter has seen enough chaos and decides to interfere, but he never sees Despero in the first place. So now he runs right into him and Despero takes over J'onn's body.

10:13pm: After losing contact with Martian Manhunter, Aquaman suggests interfering but gets a furious response by Arrowette. She is tired of all the criticism Young Justice receives from the JLA although they are just acting like teens are supposed to. Up to this point Wonder Girl was jealous of Arrowette, but now she thinks Cissie is a very brave girl.

10:16pm: Robin realizes that Despero has taken over the body of Martian Manhunter. He informs Impulse and Superboy about it and they act accordingly. Using fire they force Despero to leave J'onn's body and Secret is there to swallow Despero's soul.

10:21pm: After Young Justice returned to the cave, Superman congratulates them on their excellent work. As J'onn mentions a "cloud being" he arouses Batman's interest, but Robin is able to make them skip the topic. Young Justice now has the JLA's blessings, but they panic a little when Superman mentions some upcoming parent/teacher conferences...


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