"Thug of War!": Cassie Sandsmark is not amused because her mother set her up to babysit the neighbor's twin kids. At least her teammate Arrowette agrees to help her.

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Young Justice #9 is an issue of the series Young Justice (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1999.

Appearing in "Thug of War!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Thugee cult

Other Characters:

  • Ellie Madison (Single appearance)
  • Jan Madison (Single appearance)
  • Jason Madison (Single appearance)
  • Pammy (Single appearance)
  • Trish (Only appearance; dies)




Synopsis for "Thug of War!"

Cassie Sandsmark is not amused because her mother set her up to babysit the neighbor's twin kids. At least her teammate Arrowette agrees to help her.

In Keystone City, Tim Drake reads the morning paper. A case of a young girl attacking and injuring her mother grabs his attention because this already is the fifth time such a thing happened in the last few days. And Tim continues to think about that when he is in the Young Justice cave.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Cissie are already exhausted thanks to the two kids. Cissie already is sleeping and Cassie tries to calm the kids down by showing them the new "Hugga-Tugga-Thugees" tape. Superboy calls via phone and while Cassie talks to him, the kids take two huge knives from the kitchen and sneak up on Cissie. But she wakes up just in time to hold the kids back and take the knives from them. However, as the kids' mom suddenly enters her home, she just sees Cissie holding a knife holding down one of her children. She immediately calls the police.

Superboy listened to the chaos on the phone and informs Robin, Impulse and Secret about it. They immediately take off using the Super-Cycle and arrive just in time to rescue their teammates out of the hands of the police. As Cassie tells them what happened, Robin deducts that the tape was responsible for the children's behavior. It is somehow connected to Hindu mythology and the goddess Kali whose followers like to strangle their victims before killing them in the name of their goddess.

Back in the cave, the team watches the tape as well, but only Impulse "reacts" to it by running away screaming. He says he saw something horrible in it. With help of Oracle, Robin finds out that the tapes originate from Calcutta and a little later the team is on its way to India.

They arrive at an isolated temple and an Acolyte very openly tells them all about the cult's plan to corrupt the children's minds with the video tapes and bring back Kali to rule the world. Suddenly, a trap door opens so that Robin, Impulse and Wonder Girl slide down a long tunnel. After a few seconds they come down in a large cavern where dozens of blue creatures chant the name of their goddess. And outside the rest of Young Justice watches how the sun changes into the evil face of Kali...


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