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"Warlords, Part 2": In a flashback, we see how Impulse recruited all the new Young Justice members.

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Young Justice (Volume 3) #14 is an issue of the series Young Justice (Volume 3) with a cover date of May, 2020. It was published on March 11, 2020.

Synopsis for "Warlords, Part 2"

In a flashback, we see how Impulse recruited all the new Young Justice members. First in Gotham City, Bart recruits the dimension traveler Sideways that, being a huge fan, accepts the proposal right away. They teleport to Bludhaven, where Spoiler is searching her father, the Cluemaster. Stephanie of course knows Bart and does not need anything more than the fact that her boyfriend Timothy Drake needs her hand. After stopping to Amnesty Bay recruiting Jackson Hyde, Bart stops to extend the invitation to former Young Justice member Arrowette, now retired. But it seems Cissie was just waiting for the right occasion to get back being a superhero again.

Meanwhile in Skartakis, we discover that the Green Manaleeshi has got an inter-dimensional communicator: he works for Dr. Glory, who is telling Kon she sent him in a dimension full of magical creatures and she gave Kryptonite to all of them, just to make sure he doesn't come out of there and back to Earth again. She hates him for ruining her cover with the Justice League, making years of study on extra-dimensional traveling useless. Dr. Glory wants to makes sure that Conner dies right there, in Skartakis, with no chance of surviving.

In Nevada, Young Justice is attacked by Dr. Glory with raining monsters from every dimension possibile: while the new super-team starts finding some chemistry fighting together, Bart is searching something that can tell him where the hell is Conner. After discovering it, Tim tells Bart to take Cassie, as she is the only one that knows Kon as well as him, and Sideways, as his powers are fundamental to the success of the plan, and go retrieve Superboy. The rest of the team is with him, to deliver Dr. Glory to justice. The plan works: Conner gets brought back, and the doctor is cornered. As a sign of peace, she offers Tim and Young Justice an agreement. She knows what happened to the original team and why most of them don't remember anything about it.

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