"Seven Crises, Part 4": Amaya, Tim, Cassie, Jinny and Keli are imprisoned in the bowels of the Dark Castle of [[Dark Opal (Prime Earth)|Lord Opal

Quote1.png This place was so beautiful! So -- so absolutely magical. And it's all being ruined by one creature's constant greed and -- why would you spend one more day fighting to live a life you're not even happy with? Quote2.png

Young Justice (Volume 3) #4 is an issue of the series Young Justice (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 2019. It was published on April 3, 2019.

Appearing in "Seven Crises, Part 4"

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  • Gemworld (Flashback and main story)
    • Castle Amethyst (Flashback only)
    • Dark Castle Opal
  • Earth (Mentioned only)
  • Krypton (Mentioned only)


Synopsis for "Seven Crises, Part 4"

Amaya, Tim, Cassie, Jinny and Keli are imprisoned in the bowels of the Dark Castle of Lord Opal, under the effect of a powerful spell cast by an Opal Gem that makes their minds unable to think straight, just like they were doped. Amaya explains them she is Princess of one of the twelve houses of Gemworld and that Opal is a rival to the throne of Gemworld. Amaya also tells them she was originally a girl from Earth, then she remembers how she stood against the Gem Court, trying to make them understand that only the complete destruction of the house of Opal and his Lord would give Gemworld the chance to get back being a magical and beautiful world. But she fails in doing so, risking to be kicked out of the Court if not for Turquoise, who defends her as hero of the people and heart of Gemworld. Still, the Court declares she must not interfere with the Dark Houses of Gemworld anymore, as her way of thinking is too dangerous and radical.

Back to Conner's Gemworld farm, Superboy and Bart try to escape the patrols of Dark Opal: Conner smashes the captain and tells all the subordinates to go away and forget this place. Then, Bart wants to know about Conner's daughter, Martha, and his wife but Superboy has some questions for him, too: did he came here alone? Meanwhile, the prisoners find an opening when Jinny's chest, containing all the artifacts collected by her ancestor Jonah Hex, explodes destroying the Opal Gem that was casting an enchantment that doped their minds. Then, Conner and Bart come to the rescue, as Superboy frees her friends.

Finally all reunited, the former Titans, Tim, Bart, Cassie and Conner hug together in a moment of happiness. Then, Amaya starts to explain how this mess they found themselves in is connected to the several crises that hit Earth, and how Dark Opal and other houses allied to him are trying to make a gain for themselves out of this chaos.


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