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Yuga Khan was the most powerful New God that ever existed and the original ruler of Apokolips for a long time, whose misguided attempt to unravel the unknowable mystery of the Source led to his downfall.

Yuga Khan was the former patriarch of Apokolips and its first ruler. Although Apokolips was the most powerful empire in the Universe and he himself was one of the most powerful beings in existence, none of this was enough for Yuga Khan. Wanting absolute knowledge and absolute power, Yuga Khan, despite the warnings of Izaya, attempted to breach the very barrier of the Source Wall but failed as the barriers were too strong even for his power. As a result of his hubris, Yuga Khan became one of the Celestial Giants trapped in the Promethean Galaxy as a helpless captive for countless thousands of years. Yuga Khan's wife Heggra later died by the machinations of their son Uxas, known more prominently by the name Darkseid, who took control of Apokolips, gaining the throne for himself in the process.

After eons of effort, Yuga Khan finally broke his bonds. He consumed the nearby planet Velos along with countless other worlds to restore his power.[1] His return to living existence constituted a greater threat to life than even his son Darkseid. Khan next destroyed a Thanagarian probe station, which attracted the attention of Lar Gand, who managed to save the lives of a few Thanagarians. After draining another world and gaining more strength, Khan came to Apokolips.

For the first time in his life, Darkseid knew fear despite his bravado of claiming Khan was the past and he was the future. Khan restrained him and sarcastically asked if he was going to hug his father. Khan reclaimed his rulership over Apokolips, making life twice as hard on the populace. Desaad pledged his loyalty to him, telling him that his service to Darkseid had been a lie. Khan reminded him that he'd poisoned his beloved wife Heggra and disintegrated him there. Khan then cut off the Source, rendering both Boom Tubes and Mother Boxes inoperative. He would continue his quest to find the nature of the Source, no matter the amount of casualties. Commander Gideon launched an invasion of Apokolips; however, Khan devastated his New Genesis soldiers and killed Gideon. Yuga Khan once again turned his attention to the Source Wall, where Highfather tried to stop him by warning him once again of the limits of godhood. And just like before, Khan ignored him, subsequently transforming his body into primal energy so he could enter the Source. His second attempt was no more successful than his first, and he was once again imprisoned in the Promethean Galaxy.[2]


Yuga Khan was the most powerful New God. A proper measure of his might was the fact that Darkseid himself dared not face him. Khan also had the ability to traverse hypertime and could even manipulate The Source itself to an extent.



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