The second Cybernary was Yumiko Gamorra, the daughter of Kaizen Gamorra.

Born the daughter of terrorist and dictator Kaizen Gamorra and his wife Rumiko Gamorra, little is known about her childhood but what is known is that under great secrecy her consciousness was digitized and implanted in a cybernetic body. The biological parts were taken from the original Cybernary, Katrina Cupertino. In doing so Yumiko became a deadly killer. Yumiko became a major player in the Gamorran Resistance Movement against her fathers tyranny.

Yumiko confronted her father just as Armageddon struck. Her father stated he'd manipulated events to bring her to him as the world was ending so they could save their people. Yumiko decided in the moment to follow her father, and together they defeated the Reapers that had gotten past the force-field around the island.

Kaizen, with his daughter at his side, traveled around the world scavenging surviving technology and even laid siege to the crippled Carrier. Unfortunately for the duo, The Authority defeated the Gamorrans, infecting many of the SPB army with the Warhol Virus and rescued the innocent civilians. Apollo killed Yumiko's father, and Engineer absorbed Yumiko's cybernetic enhancements, leaving the original body of Katrina.[1]





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