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Z.C. Branke was a member of the anti-immigration terrorists known as the August 7, and an enemy of Nighthawk and Cinnamon.

After her organization blew up a mill in New Orleans, Z.C. Branke took to fighting for money in a ring on a steam ship, viewership reserved to the wealthy elite, preferring a fight to the death, not just to submission. Her speed and finesse allowed her to overcome a much stronger man, even killing him with a concealed blade after subduing him. After her fight, she watched one of "Scarface", Jonah Hex, versus another, and, impressed with his efficiency in defeating his target, challenged Hex to a fight.[1]

Despite the woman's superior fighting skills, Hex held his own, and as they fought, Branke commented that she liked him, and stopped his retort with a kiss. This weird turn of events caused the spectators to start throwing junk at the pair, and Branke's financier, Hiram Coy, gave her a whistle, delivering a clandestine message via a playing card showing the 7 of Diamonds.

Later, Branke bathed Hex in a tub, commenting that she found his many scars attractive. She and her employers had fallen for his claims to share their views on the plague of immigrants in the United States, and they wanted to offer him a job. As a test of his trustworthiness, they wanted him to find a ship called the Sea Queen in the harbour, and sink it and everyone on board. She suggested that if he refused, someone from their organization would kill him, and that there were even some law officials involved in the plot. She explained that the sinking ship was merely the start of a movement; the first step in solidifying a hold over other port cities in the country. She warned that the mission would have to happen tonight. Jonah stated that he would need some explosives, and with his apparent assent to the initiation, Branke removed her robe, and joined him in the tub. However, Hex had actually been found out, Dr. Amadeus Arkham having given him up to Davis S. Winter, with the two would-be infiltrators tied up on the ship that was set to explode, rather than Branke's suggestions.[2]

However, the August 7 had played into Hex's hands, as Dr. Arkham had been a plant to bring them all out of hiding. Due to his manipulations (and the use of superhuman strength by way of Nighthawk's supernatural amulet), the 7 were caught, with Hex rebuffing Branke's continued attempt to seduce him even while captured by the two New Orleans vigilantes of Nighthawk and Cinnamon.[3]



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