Quote1 I am the Architect-- Gotham's forgotten son, but soon they will remember. Quote2
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Zachary Gate is the descendant of Nicholas Anders, one of the architect brothers who constructed Gotham City's bridges. Upon his stepbrother's death, Nicholas attempted to avenge him by killing Gotham's founding fathers: the Waynes, Cobblepotts, and Elliots, for he blamed his death on. He was then jailed for the murder of Robert Kane and declared that the forefathers's descendants would suffer for their sins. Zachary comes across this knowledge and name of The Architect from his ancestor's journals and decided to avenge him. Setting his goals in eliminating the forefathers's descendants: Oswald Cobblepot, Bruce Wayne, and Thomas Elliot.

Gates made his move in bombing Gotham's three ancestral bridges bearing the Wayne, Cobblepot and Elliot adornments, in which thirty people were killed in the process, from anonymously purchasing hundred pounds of Semtex explosives from Oswald Cobblepot, before leaving a message for the city's protectors, reading: "The families will fall by the Gates of Gotham." Thereafter, Gates planted several more bombs at the Iceberg Lounge and Wayne Tower, in which the latter had Thomas Elliot, whom Gate mislead him with an offered chance to participate in his venture to instill chaos in Gotham, tied up with a bomb strapped to him. The Batman (Dick Grayson) and the Batman Family managed to saved Elliot and many lives, but Gates managed to destroyed the foundations.

Gates then proceeded in his plan in demolishing the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge, where the Bat Family massed there and battled Gates. Batman eventually defeats Gates, who has been driven insane by prolonged usage of his suit stolen from Dillon May. Gate's identity is ultimately revealed and was then locked away in Arkham Asylum.




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