Quote1 I am the forgotten blood. The Gates of Gotham. I am the true successor. I am the Architect. Quote2
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After being stopped some time ago by the Batman Family, Zachary Gate remained imprisoned until he was released by Jason Bard, the acting commissioner claiming that his plans with "Mother" required an architect. He was also given back his armor at this time.[1]

He first struck at the Beacon Tower construction site, where he brought several men with him and killed various crew members before Gate introduced himself to the project's architect Andrew Trondsen as the Architect. When Trondsen demanded to know what the Architect was doing to his building, the saboteur responds that this was actually his building, as he had been rewriting the plans for the Tower for months in order to design its true nature. With the arrival of Batman, he left Trondsen alone to deal with him, planning on getting back to him later. However, he was taken down with explosive Batarangs to his armor, and Batman freed Trondsen. After that rescue, Batman asked who Gate was working for. Unfortunately, due to Gate's insanity, he responded that he was only working for his family's legacy, and that Trondsen and the Beacon were just a part of something else. Lastly, he explained that the building was speaking in whispers with its resonance, cluing Batman in that Hush had attacked Alfred.[2]

After his defeat, Gate was incensed to learn that his cohort, Hush, had killed Trondsen, despite promising to leave him to Gate.[3]



  • Mental Illness: Due to the effects of his armor, Gate is extremely mentally unstable, and is hell-bent on salvaging his family's legacy.


  • Architect Armor: The Architect wears a heavily armored suit that is strong enough to withstand explosions.



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