Back when Zachary Trumble used to work for the Haly's Circus, he dipped his nephew's hand in a boiling pot of chicken stock after he caught Jerome stealing one of his snickerdoodle.[1] Some time later, Jeremiah spread lies about Jerome's violent demeanor, and Zach took him away to St. Ignatius School so Jeremiah would be safe from him.[2] After an unspecified period of time, Zach left the circus to open his own diner.

Years later, Jerome visited his uncle and asked him about his long lost brother. However, Zach was prepared and invited Lunkhead for the "family reunion". He overpowered Jerome, with Zach dropping a boiling soup in Jerome's mouth for old time's sake. Right when Zach was ready to kill him, Bruce Wayne jumped into the fray and demanded Jerome was brought to justice. Zach declined and told Lunkhead to get rid of him. This gave the opportunity to Jerome hold Zach at gunpoint while Bruce fought the strongman. He still refused to tell the whereabouts of Jeremiah, so Jerome tried to make Zach drink bleach. He gave up, and even after writing St. Ignatius' address on a blanket, he was shot him in the head by Jerome.[1]




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