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Zach Zatara is a young magician and a member of Night Force.



  • Logomancy: Like other homo-magi members of the Zatara family, Zachary is able to manipulate magic by speaking spells backwards. He has been stated to be a very powerful magic user, comparable to his cousin Zatanna Zatara and uncle.[1]
    • Elemental Control
      • Pyrokinesis
      • Weather Manipulation: Zachary possesses the ability to use his backwards magic to influence the weather to a certain extent.
    • Telepathy[2]
    • Telekinesis[3]
    • Eldritch Blast: He can blast enemies with mystical energy.
    • Transmutation: Zachary can turn anything into anything else, essentially. He can use this ability to change his civilian clothes into his superhero costume, instantly. Most commonly, He has learned to his this power on non-organic matter, but has developed some control over organic beings.[4]





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