Quote1 Call me Hack. I'm going to be the most powerful super-villain you will ever meet. Quote2
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Born in the Korogoro Slums in Kenya, Zalika was forced to work for a gang before her powers developed. Her brother was punished for stealing from the gang and subsequently died. Soon after, she was put to work with the gang's stolen electronics when her powers developed, which she used to trap her captors inside a mobile phone and had them be killed by a computer virus.

She began to hack more and more places of worth until a Russian named Karla trapped her. She remained there until Suicide Squad arrived on a mission and she proved useful enough to them to be rescued. She soon became part of Task Force X.


  • Zalika's name translates into "born into royalty".
  • Zalika is a huge fan of Harley Quinn and has her iconic diamonds tattooed onto her face.



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