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Zan, alongside his twin sister Jayna, makes up the membership of the Wonder Twins.

Jayna and Zan hail from the planet Exxor, a peaceful world compared to Sweden of Earth. This heritage gives Jayna and Zan the ability to transform into any animal and water respectively, though only when they fist bump and shout "Wonder Twins powers activate!".

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Zan is an immodest young man, believing that he could be the most popular kid in school. He has also shown himself to be very competitive, wanting to race his sister to school. Zan often portrays a laid back demeanor, not taking threats such as Mister Mxyzptlk seriously, even though he could destroy the universe in an instant, a fact that Zan knew. Zan often shows off to anyone he can, coming up with nicknames and catchphrases for himself. Some of his catchphrases include "Total Refreshment" (for when he's in his water form) and "Wonder Twins powers, activate!" (for when he and his sister activate their powers).[3]


  • Jayna: Undoubtedly Zan's greatest ally and closest friend is his twin sister and crime-fighting partner Jayna. Like many siblings, Zan and Jayna possess a friendly rivalry, often hurling non-harmful insults at each other and competing against each other in tests of physical prowess. He cares dearly for his sister but only shows it rarely and in small deeds, such as when he lost all his street credibility and didn't want Jayna to be seen with him so she wouldn't have to undergo the same minute problem.[3]


  • Zan is three minutes older than his twin sister Jayna.[4]



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