Zandia is a small island nation in the Europe. It was, for centuries, the home of the Church of Blood.


Zandia is a small island nation in the Europe. It was, for centuries, the home of the Church of Blood.

During the last ice age, Zandia was settled with volcanic ash which made the land rich and fertile, allowing for a plentiful variety of fruits and vegetables. As such the people of Zandia were primarily farmers and ranchers. In 1202, Zandia was visited by knights of Pope Innocent's Fourth Crusade in seeking recruits for their holy war. But when the Zandians refused to be recruited, the crusaders pillaged the country; the men were mostly slain, the children taken captive, and the women raped.[1]

The Zandians turned to the guidance of their country's high priest, who led his people against the crusaders. The priest soon came into possession of Christ's prayer shawl, which had been corrupted with dark magic, and worn its powers that enabled him to rally his people to victory against the crusaders. Soon afterwards, the priest bathed in a pit filled with blood of his enemies, granting him strength and immortality, and became the first Brother Blood.[1]

Within forty years, Zandia grown from a small town to a center of power as the Church of Blood spread its influence. By 1272, the Church of Blood sought its strongest disciples from other lands while Zandia's people were left to die. The first Brother Blood grown weary from his immortality until he was murdered by his son, who assumed the mantle of Brother Blood. This began a cycle in which a Brother Blood grow from his power until he is slain by their children and successor.[1]

In March of 1941, Adolf Hitler's panzer division rolled across Europe. Hitler acknowledged and respected the power of Brother Blood's church and refused to invade Zandia. In December of that year, the son of the reigning Brother Blood was born and the cycle began anew. The prophecy was realized again some forty years later when the son (who had been living abroad) returned to Zandia and fought with his father to the death in the blood pool. This man became the eighth Brother Blood.[1]



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