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Zealot, born Zannah but also going by Lucy Blaze on Earth, is a field agent of Skywatch.


Lucy Blaze is a fearsome woman. Her history has not been explained, but from context it seems to be linked to Jacob Marlowe, Kenesha, John Colt, and the mysterious spacecraft. She is also aware of the existence of the Daemon.

More than ten years ago she helped train Cole Cash as part of Project Thunderbook, an IO initiative of some kind which ended in multiple suicides. She seems to have formed a bond with Cole during this, referring to him as "hers".

Everyone Is Looking Up

In the present day, she works as a field agent for Skywatch Ground Division, with the callsign "Zealot", investigating unexplained phenomena and unusual occurrences. As the senior field investigator of the New York office, she was assigned to track down a mysterious jetpack woman who rescued Jacob Marlowe. Following her trail to Camp Hero, an abandoned military facility near Montauk, NY, she found evidence of a firefight, no further tracks - and also a Daemon, who advised her that events would play out favorably if she did not intervene.

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis

With the departure of her boss for San Francisco, Lucy became the senior officer of the NY branch. She was assigned to spy on IO Analysis after Skywatch's director, Henry Bendix, grew suspicious. She was able to use one of the phone as a listening device, which tipped her off that IO was hunting Cole, and that IO planned to hack Skywatch's servers. When ordered to retaliate for the hack, she assassinated the analyst whose phone she had bugged.


  • Unique Physiology:
    • Longevity: Like the other members of the expedition, Zannah/Lucy first arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. Her age does not seem to inhibit her physical abilities in any appreciable way.




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