Quote1 Silence! I am Zarbor, and I have come from another dimension called Ergo to make the four of you more rich and powerful than you ever dreamed possible! But there are two obstacles that stand in our way... Batman and Robin! Quote2
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An evil imp tyrant from the Fifth Dimensional planet of Ergo and its #1 criminal who came to Earth seeking to steal all of its nuclear power plants in order to end his world's energy shortage and become ruler by being the only supplier of power on Ergo.



  • Mechanical Engineering: He is a genius by his world's standards with very sophisticated technology at his disposal, however his technology is useless outside of Earth due to his native world lacking a source of power for machines.
  • Robotic Engineering: Zarbor is capable of creating robotic lab assistants and legions of armies immune to Fifth Dimensional Magic. However they require an active source of energy to stay in function.




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