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Zardor of Kralok was an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps

Zardor was an ancient being who was once an ally of the Guardians of the Universe long ago until they decided to be the arbiters of what was right and wrong. This led to him being exiled from the Patrolled Sectors and their service leading to him seeking refuge in the Unknown Sectors; a region of space that was outside the oversight of the Oans. Since that time, he planned his vengeance and bided his time, establishing himself on the planet Kralok. At some point, he gained a fiery sword that was able to restore his youth and keep him young across the centuries. He continued to operate in the shadows without drawing the attention of the Guardians whilst he continued his plan at getting control over the Green Lantern Corps.

Emerald Warriors

By the time of the Blackest Night and its aftermath, Zardor had been hard at work with the capture of numerous telepaths; these were captured using brainwashed members of the Green Lantern Corps. Due to his telepathic control, these individuals believed him to be Salaak, and they obeyed him completely. By gathering a large number of telepaths, he intended to magnify his own power and subtly control the fear centers of Green Lanterns as well as potential Green Lantern recruits. This would ultimately allow him to wrest control of the Corps from the Guardians, and thus ultimately control the universe.

The actions of Zardor had not, however, gone unnoticed; there was a visible drain on the Green Light of Willpower that powered the Green Lantern Corps. This led to Ganthet along with Guy Gardner forming a pact with the Red Lantern Corps leader Atrocitus to combat this mysterious foe who hid in the Unknown Sectors. Gardner managed to trick the Oans into granting him permission to chart the Unknown Sectors thus forming the Emerald Warriors whose purpose was to combat the menace posed by Zardor.


Fire Sword



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