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Quote1 I know what it's like to lose the people you love in a senseless war. It makes you desperate, but... if you really want peace, it starts with you. Quote2
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Zari Tomaz was originally a vigilante hacker wielder of the Air Totem from the 2040s who eventually became a member of the Legends, but her life was altered by changes in the timeline during the Heyworld event. In the new timeline, she was renamed Zari Tarazi and became a socialite, who later joined the Legends with her brother.

Original timeline

Zari Tomaz Arrow 0002

Zari during the Crisis on Earth-X

In a dystopian future of Earth-1, all religion and metahumans were outlawed in 2021 by the Anti-Meta-Human Act developed by the A.R.G.U.S. agency. In 2042, Zari's brother used the Air Totem to protect their family from the military regime, but he was killed and the Totem was stolen by A.R.G.U.S.. Eventually, Zari managed to recover the Totem with the help of the Legends and joined them to fight against the time demon Mallus. She eventually befriended Amaya Jiwe and began dating Nate Heywood. After the battle of Heyworld, Zari's original timeline was erased and replaced by another peaceful future. The original Zari was preserved and became part of the Ancestral Plane.[8][9][4]

New timeline

Ancestral Plane 0001

Zari meets Zari

In the new timeline, her brother Behrad was never murdered and joined the Legends instead of her. Eventually, she joined the Legends again and entered the Ancestral Plane with the help of her brother, where she met her original counterpart, rapidly catching up about their different histories. After the new Zari left the realm, she discovered that Behrad was killed by the goddess Atropos, but he was later resurrected by the Legends in the Loomworld. The original version of Zari also doubled the totem in two so that Behrad and the new Zari can use it.

After the Fates altered the reality, the original Zari was allowed to leave the realm, becoming part of Charlie's Legends-preserving plan, but when the Legends restored the original reality, the existence of both Zari created a paradox which was resolved after the original left the reality again, returning to the Ancestral Plane. The new Zari also had a brief relationship with John Constantine. After the kidnapping of Sara Lance by Bishop and the invasion of the Zagurons, Zari and the Legends became trapped in the past and began to be pursued by the evil version of Gideon. After the robot's defeat, Zari and the others are tricked by the Booster Gold and were arrested by the Time Police.[10][11][12][3][13][14][15][16][17]




Zari Tomaz Arrow 0003

Zari in a "Halloween costume"

  • While an adaptation of Isis, Zari is never referred to by that name. [22]
  • In the episode "Phone Home", Zari is shown wearing a costume based upon the one worn by Andrea Thomas in the original Isis TV series.
  • The original Zari had a crush in Jonah Hex and "Kamadeva".