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"Zatanna: Everyday Magic": On Halloween, John Constantine visits Bewitched where he runs into Tannarak, who knows John only stopped by because Zatanna is out of town. Tannarak suggests he speak to

Quote1.png When Zatanna's out of town, it's like a hole in this city's heart. Quote2.png

Zatanna: Everyday Magic is a one-shot with a cover date of April, 2003. It was published on February 26, 2003.

Synopsis for "Zatanna: Everyday Magic"

On Halloween, John Constantine visits Bewitched where he runs into Tannarak, who knows John only stopped by because Zatanna is out of town. Tannarak suggests he speak to Nimue Ravensong, who has been eying him all night.

Nimue tells John that Zatanna described him to her as a "good man to know in times of trouble." She invites him back to her place where she can explain what the trouble she's in.

Zatanna, meanwhile, performs her show to rapturous applause. She flirts with the announcer Hal Cook after the show, and they go to get drinks, which ends with them in bed together. She misses her flight and has to teleport to her next show.

On her way home after her tour, she shares a dream with her pet rabbit in which he explains her personal and romantic history. She walks into her house to find John, naked, asleep in her bed.

John gets dressed, and they sit down to have breakfast together. John shows Zatanna the mouth now in his hand and tells her Nimue gave it to him when they slept together. Zatanna tries to heal it with magic, but the spell fails. Nimue offered up John as a sacrifice to a minor demon, and he is lurking outside Zatanna's house, waiting for the protective spells to fail.

Zatanna leaves to confront Nimue in her home where Nimue is turning yet another one-night stand into a frog. Nimue gives Zatanna a necklace and claims that is the item she traded for John's soul, but when Zatanna goes to grab it, Nimue attacks her. What she really got from the trader demon is a needle carved from one of its bones, which drains the life force out of Zatanna and transmits it to Nimue, who is overwhelmed by the power. Zatanna uses a spell to knock her down.

Nimue is outraged that Zatanna has so much power naturally when she sacrificed innocents and years of her life to gain even a fraction of her power. Nimue stabs one of her soul-holding poppets to gain more power to fight Zatanna, and while she is distracted, Zatanna turns her into a sloth. Zatanna tells her to hand over the needle and release John from the spell, or she'll spend the rest of her life in the San Francisco Zoo. Nimue agrees but swears she won't forget this. Zatanna restores Nimue's one-night stands to human form before leaving, and Nimue runs from the furious men.

Hal comes by Zatanna's house where John pulls him in before the demon can get inside too. John frightens off Hal by telling him about Zatanna's romantic history and how magic has ended her previous relationships, usually disastrously. When Zatanna returns, Hal makes his excuses and flees.

Zatanna angrily kicks John out of her house and goes to take a bubble bath. While in the bath, she realizes Nimue played her, and she arrives just in time to rescue John from the demon. Now using Nimue's real name of Mary Ann Hoyt, she properly banishes the demon and frees John's soul. The magical backlash knocks down Nimue across town.

Zatanna takes John to the airport before spending her day running errands, including visiting Nimue in the hospital. Zatanna soon grows bored of her humdrum life and returns to the stage.

Appearing in "Zatanna: Everyday Magic"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Arnie
  • Hal Cook


Other Characters:

  • Andre
  • Don
  • Greg
  • Joey
  • Scott
  • Tannarak
    • Rogel




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