"Fuseli's Nightmare": Zatanna, Vixen and Black Canary fight an army of magically-transformed hyenas in New Orleans. The three heroines win the battle, and Zatanna transforms the hyenas back into the

Zatanna (Volume 2) #2 is an issue of the series Zatanna (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 2010. It was published on June 23, 2010.

Appearing in "Fuseli's Nightmare"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Zatara (As a spirit)
  • Amanda Fitzhugh (Single appearance)
  • Barry (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "Fuseli's Nightmare"

Zatanna, Vixen and Black Canary fight an army of magically-transformed hyenas in New Orleans. The three heroines win the battle, and Zatanna transforms the hyenas back into their human forms. The Justice League sends local cops to help the victims while Black Canary invites the girls for a beer. Zatanna declines and returns home. She tries to get some sleep but her assistant Mikey causes a lot of noise while working with Zatanna's props. Zatanna tells Mikey to leave and he agrees. As Mikey leaves Zatanna's mansion, Fuseli comes out of the bushes and prepares a plan to enter Shadowcrest.

Aware of Shadowcrest's magic defenses, Fuseli decides to enter the mansion hopping through people's dreams. He also decides to have some fun, messing with people's dreams and making them live embarrassing situations.

Meanwhile, Ember tries to get some profit from a drug dealer named Willie, telling him to work for Brother Night. When he refuses, Ember incinerates him with a kiss.

Fuseli enters Zatanna's dream and chases her across her dreams, stabbing her in the arm with a knife.

Meanwhile, Dale Colton is at the police station, continuing his research on Brother Night. Dale asks his partner Artie about the Mount Diablo Thirteen, and Artie replies that Eldon Peck kidnapped thirteen children and slaughtered them in the mountain. When the police came to arrest him, Peck uttered one word and disappeared, turning the cops into stone.

Suddenly, Artie becomes frozen and Brother Night appears before Dale. After introducing himself, Brother Night announces his plan to take over all organized crime, both magic and mundane, across San Francisco. He is also aware of his association with Zatanna. He offers Dale a gift: a picture showing the corpses of three wanted criminals. If he joins him, more criminals will go down. Dale refuses, and Brother Night disappears, telling him to consider his offer, as his allies are vanishing.

Zatanna fights Fuseli, but Fuseli gets the upper hand. Suddenly, Zatanna gets a phone call from Dale, and she awakens. However, Fuseli also attacks her in the real world. To defeat him, Zatanna casts a spell that causes all sleepers to dream of Fuseli. As Fuseli leaves a lingering shadow in every nightmare he creates, Zatanna's spell is forcefully sending him to all of his nightmares, effectively tearing him apart. Fuseli admits defeat and begs for mercy, so Zatanna reverses the spell and seals Fuseli inside her hat.

She then calls Dale, who tells her what happened with Brother Night. He invites her a coffee to tomorrow to discuss recent events, and she accepts.

As Zatanna goes to sleep, Brother Night prepares his next move against her. He then manifests the spirit of John Zatara, and tells him that he will help destroy Zatanna as a way to repay the debt John owes Brother Night for saving his soul from oblivion.


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