As a descendant of the Homo magi, Zatanna Zatara is gifted with extraordinary magical powers.

Tutored by her father in both true sorcery and stage magic, she is an incredibly potent magic user as well as a top stage performer. After her beloved father was tragically killed in a battle with the forces of darkness, she seeks to give his restless soul peace in the afterlife. Say the right magic words and Zatanna can do nearly anything!

Zatanna was part of the heroes who stood up to fight the forces of Nekron and his army of Manhunters, making unlikely alliances with some of her usual enemies.

Sometime during Nekron's invasion, Zatanna was selected to guard the Gates of Tartarus, a portal to the underworld found on Paradise Island, due to her experience with magic. While on patrol, she discovered John Constantine snooping around before the portal opened, releasing Etrigan the demon and an evil wraith version of him. Together, all the magicians worked to defeat him.[1]





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