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Zatanna was a member of the Secret Seven.

She was driving her motorcycle one night while Shade contacted her via his M-vest. However his power went awry and transformed part of her bike into her father. Zatanna soon found Raven and saved her from Shade's attack. Raven asked whats happening. Zatanna believed that Shade had finally succumbed to madness.[1] Raven, Zatanna, and Mindwarp confronted Shade, who denied purposefully assaulting them. Then they discovered that Amethyst was dead, which seemingly proved their suspicions and prompted them to attack Shade. June Moon became angry, which allowed Enchantress to manifest herself and easily overpowered Raven, Mindwarp, and Zatanna. Zatanna cast a spell that infected Enchantress' organs, however she seemed unfazed by the spell. As Raven and Mindwarp were killed Zatanna became desperate and cast a death spell. Enchantress was seemingly killed, in turn Zatanna's body disintegrated. Soon after it's revealed that the spell did not kill Enchantress.[2]