Zatanna was the daughter of John Zatara, the world's greatest magician.

She is an accomplished magician and performer, independent of her magical abilities. Her family has an estate called Shadowcrest, which she inherited after her father's death. According to Zatanna, her father gave his life to save her, something she still felt guilty about.

Her father left her a book that has been passed from generation to generation with her heritage inside, but at some point after his death, his book of spells was sold at an auction and acquired by Lex Luthor. Zatanna was driven to reclaim the book, not just because it was a link to her magical heritage, but because within it was a spell that could resurrect her father, though this would mean Zatanna would have to exchange her own life for her father's. Zatanna contacted an antique dealer named Yuri that had some knowledge about the location of the book. In exchange for his information, she granted Yuri the gift of deeper understanding of dead languages.

At Chloe Sullivan's birthday party in the Ace of Clubs, Zatanna was there managing a peddler show of magic tricks called "Zatanna, Mistress of Magics" and wanted to draw the attention of Oliver Queen, but ended up interacting with Chloe and gave her a wish as a birthday gift. Chloe woke up looking exactly like her cousin Lois Lane. Zatanna enlisted Oliver's help to retrieve her father's book of spells in return grant one wish for him.

When Clark Kent and Chloe confronted Zatanna because of the problems caused by her powers, Zatanna wondered what Clark might wish for; immediately, Clark's desire to be normal was granted. Oliver stole the Book of Zatara as the Green Arrow and then went to give it to Zatanna and discovered the real reason why she wanted the book: She was trying to return her father to life at the expense of her own life. Oliver tried to burn the book, but Zatanna snatched the book and chained Oliver to a post. At the Daily Planet rooftop, Zatanna started the ritual to resurrect her father, but Clark stopped her by telling her to leave the past behind. Chloe then got trapped in the mystical vortex that appeared and Zatanna, realizing that her father sacrificed himself so she could live, closed the portal.

Zatanna later went to Oliver's office to apologize and then decided to help Oliver if he ever encountered any supernatural foes along the way, giving him her phone number. Finally, she magically disappeared, leaving Oliver puzzled.

In season nine, Zatanna found out that her father went on a hexing-spree in his youth and decided to clean up his mess. She went to the Metropolis Wonder Con to find a special comic book her father hexed to get back at the publisher, but it was never read until a young boy, Alec Abrams opened it and became Stephen Swift. She needed Clark's help which made Lois jealous. She decided to give him a moment of true fantasy and magically summoned candles, and enchanted him into kissing her. However, Clark regained his self-control and Zatanna said that it was a shame.

They found the book but realized that Alec/Stephen would become the villain Devilicus if he ever felt betrayed so Zatanna prepared a counter curse while Clark tracked down Stephen who was on a rooftop with Chloe. Zatanna performed the counter curse, reversing the spell. At the Daily Planet, after Alec reunited with his aunt, Zatanna ensured that Alec wasn't charged with the crime he committed and suggested that she and Clark stay together but Clark figured he could find his fantasy somewhere else. Zatanna told him to make sure Lois knew how lucky she was before leaving.

When the Vigilante Registration Act is passed, Zatanna is listed as an unregistered vigilante that Slade is targeting. Zatanna made an appearance at Hawkman's funeral with other league members in Egypt. After a strange occurrence, all members of the League, including Zatanna, are knocked unconscious. Zatanna later sent Lois and Clark a magically spiked bottle of champagne for their Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties that sent Clark, Lois, Chloe, Dr. Emil Hamilton, Oliver and Tess Mercer drunk and wild, sending them around the city doing mischievous deeds until the magic wore off from most of them in the next morning.




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