"Full Circle: Part 1": In the past, Amy Smootster had been in love with her high school guidance counselor Tim Foster, despite the fact that she was a minor. After waiting three years until she turned 18, Mr. Foster had already remarri

Quote1 Oh great, someone I'm supposed to be counselling has a crush on me. Talk about déjà vu... Quote2
-- Amy Smootster

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Synopsis for "Full Circle: Part 1"

In the past, Amy Smootster had been in love with her high school guidance counselor Tim Foster, despite the fact that she was a minor. After waiting three years until she turned 18, Mr. Foster had already remarried, and Amy was humiliated.

Fifteen years later, Tim's fifteen year old daughter Nikki has heard all about Amy, and despite her own special abilities, believes she is nothing like her. Nikki has the power to control minds by thinking of shapes in her mind. She uses that power to keep the high school bullies from beating up her best friend Regina, who she calls Rat. However, Rat has come out as a lesbian, and as such, Nikki still has to allow the bullies to abuse Rat so as not to appear like she is also a lesbian.

Elsewhere, Amy is now in her 30s, and works for a local paper writing music reviews. She receives a letter from Tim indicating that Nikki is having problems with extreme physical reactions to squares - a similar affliction to Amy's own. He mentions that Nikki's mother is out of the picture before signing it. After reading the letter, Amy wets her socks.

Amy and Nikki have their first meeting, and despite her earlier disdain, Nikki is quite taken with Amy. Amy gives Nikki a letter to give to her father, and then the two of them get talking. Nikki wants to be a music journalist just like Amy. When Amy tries to change the subject to Nikki's problems, the girl brushes it off and mocks Amy's own relationship with shapes. She deduces that Amy still has feelings for her father, though Amy denies it. Nikki tells Amy not to treat her like a child, and moves in close. Amy suddenly realizes that Nikki has a crush on her, and desperately reminds the girl that her father is waiting outside.

Later that night, Rat visits Nikki, and they watch TV together. Nikki falls asleep on the couch, and Rat casually turns out the light. Carefully, Rat tries to sneak a kiss from her. Nikki wakes in disgust, and throws Rat out of the house. Before she goes, Rat suggests that Nikki is in denial of her own attraction to women.

Two days later, Tim discovers the letter from Amy that Nikki failed to give him. In the letter, Amy agrees to help Nikki, and suggests that his worries about his daughter are merely a way of reaching out to her. She also conveys her true feelings to him. Nikki overhears her father's upset at reading it, and regrets not giving the letter to him sooner.

Amy gets dressed up nicely for a surprise visit, hoping to catch Tim there. Nikki answers the door, and claims that her father is out. Disappointed, Amy puts her glasses back on. Nikki uses her abilities to convince Amy to come in and eat ice cream with her, and eventually the two of them are laughing as Amy shares stories of her adventures with Tim as a teen.

Nikki attempts to seduce Amy again, but in failing, decides to fling a spoonful of ice cream at her. The ice cream lands on Amy's dress, staining it, and grumpily, she chases Nikki around until they're both tired. Nikki uses her abilities to convince Amy to go change into an old pair of jeans from her car. As she heads downstairs to the front door, Amy notices that Tim is actually sleeping down there, and isn't out at all. Amy wonders to herself whether or not she is using Nikki just to be close to him.

Amy changes in the bathroom, and leaves the door ajar. Nikki spies through the crack, hoping for a glimpse. Amy emerges in her "trashy" clothes, and the two of them watch TV together, despite the fact that Tim is sleeping downstairs. Through the window, Rat spies on them, and dejectedly returns home. As they watch TV, Amy begins to fall asleep. Casually, Nikki turns out the light, and leans in for a kiss.


  • This book was first published on November 6, 2002.
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