"Zero Girl: Part 5": Not realizing that the girl behind him has been orchestrating much of the pain that Amy Smootster has gone through recently, Tim Foster tells her to get into his car while they search for Amy. Following the advice

Quote1 Let the square bitch toast me right here. I don't have the strength to keep fighting any more. Maybe the squares are right. Quote2
Amy Smootster

Zero Girl #5 is an issue of the series Zero Girl (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2001.

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Synopsis for "Zero Girl: Part 5"

Not realizing that the girl behind him has been orchestrating much of the pain that Amy Smootster has gone through recently, Tim Foster tells her to get into his car while they search for Amy. Following the advice of a sow bug that he believes is the reincarnation of Carl Jung, Mr. Foster drives to an abandoned nuclear silo, hoping to find Amy there.

Inside, Amy has found herself buried in a huge mountain of round drink coasters. Apparently, the large amount of foot-fluid she produced while hiding in the cement mixer caused her to teleport to a safer location. Mr. Foster pulls her out and, after ascertaining that these coasters are not the same type as that which appears in Amy's recurring and shameful nightmare, he sends her into his car. Once she realizes that the girl who had bullied her viciously and even attempted to murder her is in the car as well, it disappears before Mr. Foster's eyes.

Amy finds herself face to face with her enemy, and surrounded by the disembodied heads of her high school vice principal, a police officer, and two other bullies, which her adversary has disturbingly distorted into cubic shapes. The bully reveals that it was she who arranged to have Amy attacked in the alleyway recently, and angrily, Amy blasts her out through the back windshield with a forceful spray of foot-fluid. Enraged, the bully begins tearing the car apart. Reluctantly, Amy draws on the humiliating image of the bloodied coaster, and creates such a spray that it forces her out of the car, and several feet away.

Still surrounded by her bully's 'children', Amy finds herself trapped in a pit, slowly filling with foot-fluid. The bully approaches with a box in hand, ready to turn Amy into a cube-head. Sadly, Amy determines that she has relied on the image of the coaster too much, and resigns herself to her fate. She has a change of heart, however, when she realizes that she still cares about Mr. Foster, and that he doesn't have a chance without her.

As Mr. Foster approaches the pit, he arrives just in time to see a humongous blast of foot-fluid. He finds Amy there, alone and collapsed. He demands to know what Amy did to Michelle. Amy is confused, because until this moment, she had never even known her bully's name. Amy used her abilities to send Michelle back into the nuclear silo with all of its circular shapes - the natural opposition to her square alignment. Suddenly, the silo explodes, with Michelle inside it, presumably killing her. Mr. Foster and Amy hold one another under a shower of coasters.

Three years later, Amy talks to her friend Beth on the phone, having shown up at the restaurant that Mr. Foster had asked to meet her in three years. Amy obviously still harbours feelings for him, but isn't prepared to show it yet. She sits down at the table with Mr. Foster, and he marvels at how good she looks. Amy says that she doesn't want the past to be an issue, and states that all that matters is the two of them. Mr. Foster agrees - but clearly only intends to be friends.

Amy is humiliated as he tells her how he has assumed that she moved on from her feelings about him. To save face, she tries to go along with it, but when he mentions that he has a wife she loses her composure. Resigned, she lies that she is engaged, and happy, and gets up to leave. As she does so, she knocks over a ketchup bottle, and it sprays across the floor. Mr. Foster is left somewhat bewildered. On the floor beside him is a coaster, covered in ketchup.


  • Final issue.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Zero Girl trade paperback.


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