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Zeta-Rho was the Kryptonian first husband of Lara Lor-Van. As Krypton was about to be destroyed, he sent his son, Tal-Rho to the Earth to save him and, eventually, recreate the Kryptonian civilization by uploading the minds of Kryptonians into the Humans through the Eradicator technology.

Zeta-Rho was born some time in the 20th Century on planet Krypton where he married the scientist Lara Lor-Van: the couple also had a son, Tal-Rho. Some time later, Lara fell in love with fellow scientist, Jor-El, so she left Zeta-Rho.

When Krypton was about to explode, Zeta-Rho chose to save his son by sending him to planet Earth on Sol system where its Sun would have made him a God-like entity. Discovering that his ex-wife Lara was about to do the same thing with her second son, the baby Kal-El, Zeta-Rho stole a crystal imbued with a Lara-based A.I. to punish her for having left him.

Years later, Kal-El discovered the existence of Zeta-Rho from his half-brother, Tal-Rho, now known as Morgan Edge, who was trying to build an army of X-Kryptonite-originated Kryptonians to conquer the planet.[1]

Zeta-Roh's original plan was for Tal-Rho to become the Eradicator, but when Tal learned of Kal-El's existence he chose another way, believing he could convince Kal-El to join them. When this failed he absorbed the Eradicator as Zeta had wished, granting him greater power but losing his identity to the minds stored in the device. The Eradicator kidnapped Kal-El's half-human son Jordan Kent and implanted Zeta's mind into his body.

In Jordan’s body, Zeta ordered the Eradicator to resurrect the Kryptonian Defense Council. He then went to a volcano in Japan and temporarily released control over Jordan, who called out to Superman for help. When Superman arrived Zeta took control and attacked him, but Superman refused to right back for fear of hurting his son. Zeta eventually left when he heard the Eradicator resurrect the Defense Council.

Zeta lead the Eradicator and the Defense Council to attack the Shuster Mines, where the Eradicator would use the vast quantities of X-Kryptonite to convert the entire population of Smallville into Kryptonians, while Zeta and the Council protected him. As Zeta expected, Superman and John Henry Irons attacked them and Irons knocked Zeta unconscious with a red solar blast. Irons carried him to the Kent Farm where Lois used a Kryptonian device to enter his mind, trying to reach Jordan and help him resist Zeta.

Zeta realised what she was doing and woke up, attacking Jon Kent. Lois was able to find Jon trapped inside his mind and help him fight Zeta-Rho. Jordan destroyed Zeta’s consciousness inside him, just in time to prevent him killing Jordan.



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