Zha-Vam is an artificial being created by the Gods of Olympus to be a rival of Superman.

Peering into the future, the Olympians became aware of Superman and discovered how he was appreciated by mortal man. Thinking he was a rival god, they created Zha-Vam out of clay and brought him to life endowed with the powers of the gods. Sent to the future to defeat Superman, Zha-Vam became leader of the United Crime Syndicate looking for a new boss and and went on to defeat and humble the Man of Steel. Using his computer at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman learned he could defeat Zha-Vam through his heel, but when he confronted Zha-Vam once more, he learned that Zha-Vam had protected it with kryptonite. Driven away, Superman attempted to return to Earth afterward only to discover that Zha-Vam had placed the Shield of Orion around the planet to keep him from returning. Traveling in time to Ancient Greece, Superman learned from the Olympians why they had created Zha-Vam. He also consulted their oracle on how to defeat him. The oracle sent Superman to another group of gods, led by Neptune, whom had quarreled with the Olympian Gods, where he borrowed a belt similar Zha-Vam's magical belt. Returning to the present, Superman defeated Zha-Vam, sending him back to Olympus in the past where the Olympian Gods returned Zha-Vam into clay.




  • Zha-Vam's Belt: Zha-vam wore a belt that gave him powers of other Olympians gods, heroes and entities by pressing letters on his belt:
    • C: He is turned into a Cyclops with a ray-beam eye.
    • G: He is transformed into the mythical Gorgon, being able to petrify living beings (even Superman).
    • I: He can project Iris's magic bows, which can bond a victim.
    • J: He gets Jason's dragon-teeth; by sowing it in the land, it will grow real dragons or warriors.
    • M: He gets Morpheus' power to make living beings sleep and dream, or Mars' war-like abilities.
    • O: He gets Orion's Shield, an impenetrable mystical shield, which can expand itself faster than Superman can fly, what caused problems to the hero who was trying return to the Earth.
    • P: He gets Pluto's Cap of Darkness and can become invisible or take away all the light in the world turning it black, OR he gets Paethon's Sun Chariot, which can burn and melt until solid stone.
    • S: He gain four arms and swords as the hindu god, Siva .
    • T: He is able to become a 100-ft giant, as a Titan.
    • Besides this, the belt would backfire its powers in anyone tampering the artifact other than Zha-Vam.
  • This version of Zha-Vam (Earth-One), including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • Zha-vam is possibly meant to be an early homage to Captain Marvel before DC Comics acquired the rights to the character. He also has traits in common with Wonder Woman, such as being created from clay.
  • It is possible the Gods of Olympus found a way to survive beyond Ancient Greece since they still appear as characters of the DC Universe.
  • In this arc of stories about Zha-Vam, the Olympian Gods are named by their Greek and Roman names, without distinction.


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