Zhang Xiaomei's father came to the United States where he quickly rose to prominence as a billionaire industrialist exporting cheap labor to American markets. Bitter and resentful of her father's lifestyle, Zhang immersed herself in the world of technological achievement. Before long, Zhang discovered her inborn metahuman ability to perceive and comprehend material of a technologically advanced nature. An obsessive technophile, she acquired a network of cybernetic implant circuitry through an, as of yet unrevealed, process.

Calling herself Server Aja, she soon began associating with two other reckless metahumans named Cross Christina and Grouse. In June of 2005, Server Aja, Cross Christina and Grouse raided a sports equipment factory in San Francisco, California. They took several hostages and brought them up to the roof of the building. Police officers arrived on the scene, but Commissioner Farrel was unable to secure the release of the hostages. The super-heroes known as the Teen Titans arrived and began to fight with the three metahumans. Server Aja attempted to siphon off all of Cyborg's electromagnetic energy, but Raven appeared behind her and carried her off within the folds of her soul-self. The remaining Titans defeated Grouse and Cross Christina and handed all three over to police custody.

A servant of the Lords of Chaos named Kestrel freed Chrstina and Server Aja from a police transport vehicle and made each of them his new agents on Earth. Aja assisted Kestrel in attacking Titans Tower and abducting Raven, taking her back to the Chaos realm. The Titans eventually followed Kestrel and the others and rescued Raven. With Kestrel defeated, Server Aja ceased to be his servant. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Server Aja's body is equipped with cybernetic equipment that fueled her abilities.
    • Cyberpathy: Server Aja has the ability to interface with complex technological computer systems.
    • Enhanced Senses: Server Aja can perceive variances in the electro-magnetic spectrum, allowing her to sense other cybernetic equipment.
    • Energy Absorption: Server Aja can re-channel electrical impulses from other systems into her own.
    • Energy Projection: Server Aja can also produce high-grade weaponry like anti-mater grenades though an as of yet undetermined process, but the grenades themselves release powerful explosions.


Antimatter grenades



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