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The Zhuguan were a group of super-powered individuals who fought against the warlord Huairen.


The Zhuguan were led by Guanxi and was formed in Xinjiang province of China in order to combat the merciless warlord Huairen, whose atrocities on the villagers of the area was ignored by the Chinese government since he bribed them. All the members gained their powers from a mysterious elixir that was a modified form of opium, and focused them using various totems. Other members of the group were Ri, Sudu and Dao.[1][2]

When Guanxi sent Ri to conduct reconnaissance on Huairen's fortress, she spotted Bruce Wayne sneaking into the fortress. He however ordered her to not risk her mission for his sake and made her withdraw.[3] The next day, they launched an assault on the fortress and found Bruce's burning body. Ri went to save him and Guanxi told Sudu to take care of Huairen while he protected Ri. Sudu however was killed and the Zhuguan forced to withdraw, though Bruce was saved by Ri.[4]

Guanxi took Bruce in, who allied with them to take Huanxi down, and trained him. The group soon decided to allow him to join them in their fight and shared with him the secret of their powers, which allowed Bruce to disappear at will.[5] When Huairen attacked their base, Dao slaughtered all his forces with a rain of arrows, though the warlord himself survived. Guanxi fought Huairen alone and was nearly killed, but this was revealed to be a ruse so an invisible Bruce could stab him from behind. Ri got exhausted in trying to heal Guanxi and Bruce discovered that they always planned to let Huairen die. He then saved him from dying by CPR before telling Ri to heal when she regained her strength, while leaving in disgust.[1]

Ri too later left the group and joined the Justice Society of America.[6]


  • The Zhuguan and its members are meant to mirror the Justice League of America as well as Batman's reluctance in trusting ether team.[1] Their name basically means "the league".[4]

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