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Quote1 Please tell me you understand Superman... I'm so alone here. There's no one to talk to. No shred of intellect exists with which to communicate my thoughts and feelings! Can you even imagine what it's like to be so different? So unique. So unlike anyone else. Must only Zibarro see the beauty in a sunset? Must only Zibarro search for poetry in this senseless coming and going? Quote2
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Zibarro is a freak Bizarro who is highly intelligent and can communicate clearly.

Spawn of the Bizarro Homeworld of the Underverse, Zibarro is a one-in-five-billion anomaly: a Bizarro with intellect and roughly human appearance, traits which he considered to be sources of scorn from his fellow Bizarros, resulting in social isolation and loneliness he attempted to combat through artwork. When Superman was stranded in the Underverse, Zibarro helped him marshal the other Bizarros into building a rocketship that could send Kal-El home - Zibarro briefly considered taking Superman's place in the rocket, but realized he had no way of knowing he would find any more acceptance among humans than his kinsmen. Before leaving, Superman advised him that rather than an aberration, Zibarro may be evidence of increasing intelligence on the part of Bizarro-Home, and encouraged him to keep up his work; Superman had a segment of Zibarro's poetry preserved in Superlaminite within his Fortress of Solitude after returning home.


  • Bizarro Physiology: None while on Bizarro world but as a perfect duplicate of Superman he would have the same powers as Superman under a yellow sun.