Zilius Zox is a member of the Red Lantern Corps.

For over 18 months, Zilius and his partner, Razer, had been killing members of the Green Lantern Corps in Frontier Space. He took pleasure in the task, content that if the rings found new owners he could kill them too. This continued until they targeted Shyir Rev, trapping and injuring him on a rocky planet. Before Razer could make the finishing blow, they were ambushed by Hal Jordan and Kilowog. A battle ensured with the Green Lanterns emerging victorious. He returned to Shard to answer for their failure to Atrocitus, blaming it on Razer, claiming he gave them mercy. Before he could continue Razer received a message from one of his Hunter Killer Drones that they found the Green Lanterns. Although it didn't actually kill them, something Zox pointed out, it did plant a tracking beacon to which the Red Lanterns followed to a colony. After Atrocitus's ultimatum, hand over the Green Lanterns or their colony was destroyed, is not obeyed Zox offered to set the detonation countdown. Atrocitus instead gave the task to Razer who was hesitant about killing innocent people. Zilius claimed he was weak to his master, convincing him to persuade Razer to carry out his task. After the charge was set Hal appeared, prompting both Zox and Atrocitus followed him. Zilius played a minor role in the ensuring battle, being swatted down by Hal before they reached the top of the tower then grabbed by Hal and thrown at Atrocitus, to little effect. Before Atrocitus could kill Hal, Zilius reminded him of the bomb. The two returned to Shard, witnessing the colony's destruction and Zilius showed his (apparent) relief that he was wrong about Razer's weakness.

Zilius Zox accompanied Atrocitus during his attack on Oa. After his master's defeat and capture at the hands of Hal Jordan, Zilius became the new leader of the Red Lantern Corps. He agreed to work with the Guardians and Green Lanterns to better the lives of the people in the Forgotten Zone. His first act as leader of the Red Lanterns was a promise to be a "loud and grating voice of justice", and demanded the Guardians double whatever reparations they had planned on paying for the destruction of their sector.




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