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In the dimensional reality known as Earth-15, Superman is one of Earth's premier champions.

Unlike the Superman of New Earth however, this version of Superman is actually a Kryptonian known as Zod. As Earth-15 is a relatively peaceful planet, there is very little need for someone like Superman any longer and he rarely interferes with human affairs. When the Monitor (informally known as "Bob") brought Donna Troy, Jason Todd and Kyle Rayner to Earth-15 in search of the missing hero Ray Palmer, Superman assisted them and scanned the entire globe looking for him. Concluding his search, he told the others that he could find no trace of their missing colleague.

Death of Earth-15 Zod and his family by Superman-Prime

As Zod is basically retired from active crime-fighting allowing most of the successive heroes to protect the Earth, he has focused on his personal life and is looking forward to fatherhood with his wife. He mostly remains in his Fortress of Solitude to monitor his wife's pregnancy and developing half-human child. He is killed by an alternate version of Superboy-Prime who has attained full adulthood, who arrives on Earth-15 and is seeking out all other alternate versions of Superman. Confronted by the murderous black and silver clad Superman, Zod is killed when the alternate Superman punctures his chest with a Kryptonian shard that has the same super-properties as himself. The alternate evil Superman then kills Zod's wife and unborn child and proceeds to attack the Earth-15 Justice League Satellite in order to kill all people aboard the satellite.

  • In Countdown #30, Kyle Rayner addresses Superman as General Zod based upon his physical appearance. At the time of publication, Kyle Rayner had no foreknowledge of General Zod, and would not have known what Zod looked like in order to recognize him. Although it is possible that Kyle may have learned about Zod from the Book of Oa or even from Superman, this has yet to be demonstrated in a canonical resource and thus far remains a matter of speculation.



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